Making a Simple Border Using Stroke Layer Style

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Making a Simple Border Using Stroke Layer Style

This quick trick took me a while to figure out, so I thought I'd share it with you.

I've started by giving my photo a simple shadow.

I used to try and add a quick border by using the "stroke" layer style. I didn't like this look because a) it covered up my shadow and b) it gave the photo a rounded edge.

Then, I realized you could stroke on the inside.

Now the hard edge is preserved, and you can see my drop shadow. You can easily alter this look by using a different color for the stroke and changing it's size.

Another option is that you can increase your canvas size slightly before pasting the picture. Then you can add the drop shadow after pasting. It gives you the same crisp corners without covering up any of your photo.

I used to do it that what Janet, but this way I can save the style and apply it in 1 second, rather than opening up a new file, etc...

I'm using Elements11 and have looked everywhere in the layer style options?stroke then inner-it's not there! It must be elsewhere but after 1/2 anhour, I gave up and accomplished 90% of the effect. I'm pleased and thank you. Diane

Good point. smiley

thanks! the littlest things make a big difference!

Great tutorial. I'll have to try it soon. C:

This a great tool. I use it on almost every page. Really makes the photos "pop".

Thank you for your great tutorials!

Thanks for sharing knowledge!

I like stroke to the inside much better!

Good tip. Thanks. smiley

Thanks again. It's such a pleasure to only have to go to one site to gain so much knowledge.

Thanks for the instructions; I can't wait to try this with my photos!

@Diane I use PSE 9 and the option for stroke in the layer styles only works as an outer stroke. Can you get the effect of what you want by just clicking on the thumbnail of the layer so that you get a selection outline of the object and then doing Edit>Stroke(Outline) Selection and then clicking on "Inside" for location and adjusting the size to however many pixels you want and the color to whatever you want? (That stroke can also be put on a separate layer from the object.)

great tip Marisa, i learned something new today! smiley

Thanks smiley

super simple tip, thank you

That is simple enough. Thanks.

Great idea, and so simple if you i do. thanks

This was the only thing I knew how to do on photoshop lol xxx

Thank you Karen! Your way works great in PSE10!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Very helpful! Thanks!

great tip!!! smiley

I'm sure that Diane has found her answer by now, (well, it was 2 years ago), or is maybe even using a different program - but, in case anyone else has her problem about not knowing how to change to an inner stroke in PSE 11 - well, thanks to Susan Cantin, I found out to the answer to that about 5 minutes ago! If you're using the menus, it's Edit > Stroke (Outline) Selection - and a box opens with all the options.

thank u

simple but effective! love it!

A couple weeks ago I posted a comment to one of Marisa's templates wondering about how I could change the color of the borders. Here is my answer! Now I even know how to make my own borders. Great information Marisa, thank you!

Sorry! I never see the comments on my graphics, there are too many that go by. I'm glad you found the info here!

Oh of course Marissa, that would be a full time job for someone to read all the comments your work is receiving. I was just thinking that maybe a community member would see my question. And the answer came so soon anyway. Thank you for all you do for us! I think your site makes many people happy!