Making A Torn Paper Edge Tutorial

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I have complete to download. And complete to done Thanks a lot "Brooke Gazarek".

Wow, how simple is that? I just tried your technique in PSE and was very impressed with the realistic results. I was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to add your tear 002 to the mix to see if I could effectively accomplish a different look of 2 torn papers with a third paper exposed, and it worked...yay! Thanks for the great tut!

I need to try this, thanks for sharing smiley

Thanks for your expertise smiley

Great tutorial and so simple! Thanks.

I always thought it would be so hard to create a torn paper. Now I know better. Thank you for this!! Now to practice. . .

thanks a lot to utilizing torn paper tutorial smiley

Thank you:) so easy, once you've seen how it's don, of course:)

Wow simply and easy to follow thank you for sharing this tutorial... smiley

thank u

Thanks so much! I used to know how to do this from making them years ago, but had completely forgotten! Love how simple you made the tutorial. smiley

I love bits and pieces of torn paper. Thank you for the tutorial.

Thanks Brooke, that was super easy and I love the torn paper look! smiley

Thank you so much for this tutorial. Love it!

I had downloaded Brooke's tears ages ago, tried the tutorial soon after, but haven't really used the technique until now, as I'm including torn paper elements in the March 2017 blog train.

That's really neat! Thanks for sharing.

Woo hoo! I did it - thanks!

thank you for sharing this, I have wondered how they do it

Very cool. Just tried it, thank you.

I was hoping it would be simple, and it is. Thanks. smiley

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing!

This tutorial was very helpful!!!! Thank you so much!

Nice, thanks!

Love this idea! The templates are great on Pixelscrapper!

Thank you smiley

Thank you, have to try as soon as I can.
I dont have the same program, but i think I can solve it

I can see making torn edges at the top right so it looks like this cornder page has been turned allot.

This is a great tutorial, I can't wait to test it out.