Making a Polka Dot Pattern, video

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Nice thanks (:

Thank you for the great tutorial, i have tried it with a shape and it works.


This is great! Ill try this in PSP

Glad I found this one! Thank you .

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I have always wondered how to make this, thanks for the tutorials.

Very helpful.Thank you so much!

Will definitely be trying this one out. Thank you! smiley

Amazing.. this will take some practice.. the second version especially. Thank you!

Wow, thats great, very quick too thank you

Great tutorial thankyou.

Thank you for the tutorial! I am still trying to figure out how to use my Photoshop.

Wow, very easy! Thank you

Thanks for this tutorial.

I am not familiar with Photoshop, but is there a way to angle the pattern by 45 degrees to get the diagonal placement instead of having to create a tile from scratch?

I have a tutorial for diagonal patterns in PSP. It adds a step for patterns that are not just dots, but i think it can work out with PS and PSE too.

thanks for the tut and the ideas I will have to try!

thank u

ty ty ty

Thanks for the video and will be fun doing this with different shapes. Now, to start making some patterns to use! smiley