Making Sparkle, Fairy Dust, and Stars Using the Sparkle 001 files

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Making Sparkle, Fairy Dust, and Stars Using the Sparkle 001 files

This is my first video tutorial, and I did my best to keep it short. I recorded it a number of times to get to the point I didn’t sound so nervous. smiley

Note: There are multiple ways to do things/processes in photoshop (example: opening files, opening the layers styles options, clipping, etc.). In my tutorials, I sometimes show a couple of ways to do something, but sometimes I just show the way I usually do it. This tutorial is shown using Photoshop CS6.

Learn how to add the .abr brush to Photoshop here.

You can get the Sparkle 001 files here.
You can get the bokeh paper used here.

great video, you didn't sound nervous at all. Not sure if you can edit posts, but you might want to look at the link you pasted in the post, I had to copy and paste the html in another tab to view the video, it just has the iframe coding.

@Jessica, thanks smiley

Also, I finally figured out how to get the video showing in my post. smiley

thanks so much. can't wait to try

Thanks Brooke, I have had the brush for a long time but it helps to have you give such a precise tutorial on using it!

Great video! I didn't know I could use my bracket keys to change the brush size. Thanks for that tip.

thanks so much~!

Thank you!

Thanks for the great video tutorial Brooke Gazarek! You don't sound nervous at all!
Now only I know how to duplicate the layer easily! smiley

Thank you for this tutorial.

Thanks for the video; it was very helpful!

I am so grateful for all of these amazing tutorials.

Files really help with these so we can compare. Thanks, Brooke.

thanks great tips

Thank you Brooke!

Great tut and video with Very helpful info! smiley

Great Video tut - thank you!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!

looks funny^^

Thank you for sharing this video. I did not know that the brackets could be used to enlarge and shrink the size of the brush.

thank u

Thanks for making this!


Thank you

Tks for the tutorial!

thank you so much for this! gonna try it out

I can't wait to try this! Thank you.

Thank you very much for this tutorial. smiley