Photoshop Patterns Tutorial: Alternating Rows, video

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Photoshop Patterns Tutorial: Alternating Rows, video

In this tutorial I will show you one method for making an alternating row pattern. It's basically this tutorial with a small tweak. There's a video of this method at the end of the tutorial.

First, make the shape you want to use on a new layer. Be sure to make it the size you want in your final pattern. I've made it quite large here so you can see easier what I'm doing.

Next duplicate the layer a bunch of times, then move one layer to the beginning of the row you want and one to the end.

Now, using the align menu with the move tool, align them all to the center, and spread them out horizontally.

I'm going to group all these layers together and then duplicate the group. From the second group I will delete one of the layers from the end of the row. When I align the two rows to the background, you can see now I have two rows of different lengths.

Now I will duplicate these two rows to fill the page, and then align them to the center and vertically.

You can merge all the groups together and you have a pattern!

Love the tutorials. Nice to be able to go within the site to see instructions.

I will be going in and checking out more of your tutorials as I love to do this and I love the computer.

Do you do any tutorials using Pixelmator?

Thank you! ( I can't seem to stop saying that! smiley)