How to Use a Layout Template

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How to Use a Layout Template

In this tutorial I will make a layout from start to finish using a layout template and a kit from, plus a few random graphics.

I'm using this layout template and this digital scrapbook kit to create the layout in this tutorial.

The most important skill when using a layout template is knowing how to use a clipping mask. Once you can do that in your chosen digital scrapbooking software you'll be well on your way to easy and great looking layouts. I have a tutorial here if you want a focused clipping mask tutorial.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

Fun and easy video to watch. Thank you for sharing your cute LO! smiley

It turned out really cute! I'm LOL at myself too! I really do not put many word labels in my work. I need to make a mental note to do that more often from now on!

@Rachel: That's why it's nice to have Kits are rarely complete with everything I want, so then I can just go look for it. smiley

Thanks! Great video.