Using Inner Shadow Style to Make a Cutout

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this technique will come in handy thanks for writing the tut!

THIS tutorial is EXACTLY what I was looking for! smiley Thank you Bina for directing me here and to Marisa for writing the tutorial! smiley Also, I will look into Violet's action. smiley So thank you, as well, Violet! smiley

smiley You are so welcome. The site is really full of great info. If you cannot find something that you are looking for try this
You can vote for the feature and support this idea, there are very few votes missing for it to come live. smiley

Thanks, it's easy and I like The Results.

So cool. Thank you!

Thanks Marisa, i'ts a very good tutorial ! Many thanks smiley smiley

Quick and easy way to make a layout look harder than it was. Great tutorial. Thank you.