Using the Swatches Panel in Photoshop, video

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Using the Swatches Panel in Photoshop, video

The swatches panel in Photoshop is a time saver when it comes to saving and using colors (video follows text).

First you need to find you Swatches Panel by going to Window -> Swatches.

Now we can start saving colors. I have my color palette open and using the eye dropper tool I'm going to select the first color.

With my color selected I'm going to click on the new swatch button in the swatches panel and save my color.

Now my color will show up last in the list of colors in the swatches panel.

Following the same steps I can save all the colors in my palette to the swatches panel. If you want to save and share your palette you can.

To save:

To load:

Now when I want to use a color I just have to click on it in the swatches panel to load it.

Will have to try this...thanks!

Great! Thank you smiley

Thank you for the Save technique.

Thanks for the video. Learning more about Photoshop Elements is one of my goals.

Excellent tutorial. Thank you! (I've "pinned" it, too!)

Thanks for this tuto!

This is Excellent!!! Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge. It is much appreciated.

A wonderful lesson, thank you

Thanks for this advice and tutorial, Marisa. Very useful.

Really interesting, thanks once again.

Thanks for the tip. Not related to the topic but how do you color those dots on the paper all at once. It seems that when I do something like that it only colors the one dot I'm clicking on.

Thank you, I know that this will save me tons of time.

Thanks Marisa

Ok I went step bystep and I think I got that down pat. I did not see a video though. I must have missed it!!!

The video is at the end.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I have to see if this works in PSE. This would save me so much time in creating some simple things to use in my layouts. Thanks!

Thank you for the lesson!)))))

thank u

wow, i never thought of that!!

I'd like to learn how to design. This sounds like a very useful topic for designing a kit. Thank you.