Do you have any pets?

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Do you have any pets?

This time of year always makes me think about my Poodle pup, Oliver, because I loved to dress him up for Halloween. He was a stray that I adopted, and while I only had a few years with him (he was a senior when I found him) I am grateful to have had that time with him. smiley All of my original pets have gone, but I still have three step purrbabies my Sweetie brought up with him, whom I love as my own (Cat Guy, Wolfie and Smudgie.)

I personally don't have a pet but my roomie has a cat named Viper that is basically our "family" pet. She's a riot!

Right now my husband and I just have a dog - a MinPin named Madeline... well, and a two-year-old. Lol. We are also living with a morbidly obese beagle-something mix (my in-law's) and the most foul-tempered cat I have ever met (my brother-in-law's).

In the past, we've had a wide assortment of pets... a few dogs (shi tzu, mini husky), some cats, a beta fish named Bruce, a rabbit named Keefe-the-Jerk, and a whole gob of reptiles (albino corn snake, leopard gecko, savanah monitor, blue-tongued skink, "japalura", iguana, and bearded dragon). I find that I really understand and get along with reptiles more than furry critters...

I really loved my cat, Jax the Dasher ( aka Jaxie-poo or Jaxers). He was named after Jax from Mortal Combat, and he ran around the house like a crazy-head. He LOVED green olives, and he would talk back to me all the time - he was really sassy.

I also really loved our 5 1/2 ft albino corn snake, Joannah. An albino corn snake isn't white as one might expect, but a beautiful mix of red, pink, and coral colors. We got her from a breeder who had bulked her up to breed really rare babies with ball pythons, so she was abnormally large for a corn snake and really cranky. After about a year of getting her on a relaxed feeding schedule and letting her chill, she turned out to be the friendliest snake I have ever encountered!

My husband was really fond of our iguana, Johnny. Iguanas are real pieces of work and I don't recommend them. Lol. For a period of time, Johnny had free range of our bedroom and I would often wake up to him sitting on my feet, spitting on my face. Lol!!

My husband really has a knack for odd and unique pets. He had this massive orange tabby named Todd that was all muscle. It would stalk my in-laws around their house and scare the dog. It had to get shaved in the summers and even though it was heavily sedated, it still chewed through the muzzle that was on it!

And, most recently, we had a bearded dragon named Mamma that would come up to the front of her cage to greet our daughter whenever she came into our bedroom. We had to give Mamma up when we left the military and I miss her...

we do.. we have 2 parakeets, 2 mouses & 3 fishes and soon we will be adopting a dog.. smiley

We have a topic just for pet pictures here.

Also, a topic that is pretty much like this one can be found here - on that topic, I talk a little about my five cats in on the answer #8, and you can find out about lots of other users pets as well.

Thanks, Lorien. I'll check out the posts and see what other pets people have on the forum. smiley We were at five cats, but now we only have three.

Sharilynn, I love that pic. smiley Our cat Wolfie has been known to pose like that, too.

Mollie, my Sweetie had a number of reptiles before we were living together. I had a rabbit Will, who I rescued from a neglectful neighbor. smiley So sorry to hear you had to give Mamma up. smiley

What a selection of pets, Samantha. I can understand why there are not any cats in that mix. smiley

Off to check out some pet pics on the forum. smiley

Wow Mollie, you have had quite the assortment of pets!

Currently I don't have any pets, we live in a small apartment that doesn't allow them anyway. But my husband and I are both dog people, so someday... smiley

Currently we have only one cat, Gracie Girl who is 10 yrs old. My daughter's cat died this year at age 14, my son's dog died last year at age 12, and our black cat, Chewbacca died year before that at age 12. The two cats had kidney failure, they were brothers. My son's dog had a tumor in his brain.

Unfortunatelly, kidney failures are very common on cats. What they say here to try avoiding it is get the cat used to drink lots of water (and, if possible, check if its really drinking) and try never say no when they ask it, and also avoid food with salt (some of the most famous - and cheap - brands of cat wet food put lots of salt on it...).

haha yes, in my case i'm not into cats, so i guess my kids are ok with their pets.. smiley

We currently have 6 rescue kitties and 2 dogs who are too huge smiley

Catherine, I understand the apt issue. Sometimes it's tough (and expensive) to find an apt that takes pets. smiley

So sorry to hear that, Karen. We lost three of our cats in one year. They were all about the same age, but nevertheless, it's very tough. smiley

Lorien, another thing I learned about cats that I didn't know is they shouldn't lose weight too fast. My cat, Sappho, was a bit on the chubby side and when she was losing weight, I did not know it was too much until the vet told me-especially since they had wanted her to slim down some.

Lol, Samantha. My friend, Joe, is not a cat person and gives me all sorts of reasons why they are no good. smiley

Wow, Brandi! All of my pets were rescues or strays.

I have 2 pups inside, both smaller dogs, and both strays... We had a crisis last week because someone stole my little pug from our next door neighbors house while I was at work. Luckily, we live close to a small town and I got her back the next day with all kinds of apologies from the guy's wife. We didn't press charges, but we are keeping an eye out.

I also have 1 outside kitty (hubby does NOT like cats).

And 1 bird that belongs to my niece, but lives with me. He's an Egyptian Ring Necked Dove. And I have a bunch of fish in a tank - my grandson loves watching them!

I don't have any pets yet, but I am getting a cute puppy! I can't wait!

We have a yorkie who's name is, funny enough, Oliver!! Although we usually call him Otter or Bean.... he responds to all three names. Poor pup, talk about identity crisis.

Brandi, how big dogs and cats deal with each other? Our best friends have three rescued dogs, the mom (rescued with around 10 months old and pregnant) is a mix of one of those racing dogs, and her two sons, whose father were possibly a Lab, and they are big, athletic dogs! Seing my cats they sometimes think on getting one or two of them on a shelter, but they fear that the dogs can scare and harm them.

Hey Lórien! I think I can answer your question about big dogs & cats... My experience is that the dog, if young, probably won't mind being around the cats & may even try to get them to play with him/her... Now if the cats are older & haven't been around dogs before......they will probably try to shoo the dog away & may even hiss at them if the dog tries to come near. However, if the cat is young also, they might become buddies. At least that was the case at my house. Several years back I brought home a lab puppy & my 2 older cats would have nothing to do with her. She learned to keep her distance. A few years later we brought a young cat into the mix, and the lab & the young cat got along famously - played together & even slept together. I even managed to get a few shots of them curled up together (it was real cute). Another factor to consider is the breed - some breeds just aren't good with cats.

Not any more. But I grew up with cats and dogs. And a rooster, chickens, ferrets, canaries, finches, parakeets, rabbits, guinea pigs, a goat, mice & a rat for one day ...mum made me take it back! Goldfish - one of which died cos when mum asked dad what he wanted for breakfast one morning and he said fish, I dutifully went fishing and caught one ...and a stuffed red knitted monkey. My favourite of all was an alsation. Would love to have one of those again. Oh and we used to like catching tadpoles and frogs to race. Can't think what else lol

I've got 3 dogs and 2 cats. My oldest dog is a hairless Chinese crested. She's 18 and dying from cancer. She's been with me for so long, I don't know what I'll do when she's gone.

Ambs, I love that you call your dog Oliver, Otter or Bean - great nicknames. smiley I called Oliver, Ollie.

So sorry, Alvaretta. I understand the feeling. smiley

Wow, so many people have had all kinds of pets. smiley Since my dog Oliver was so old, I really can't say he was a typical dog. He didn't bark, was almost blind and deaf but really loved life and had a spunk to him I wish I could bottle and sell.

I posted pictures of my dogs in a previous question on pets. I also have a very old canary. I think she had a mini stroke yesterday because she kept hopping around in a circle. Thankfully today she is fine. She can't fly anymore and spends all her time in the bottom of a large cage! I did have 7 at one point. I look in on her every morning to check she lasted the night!! I am not going to get any more as we go away in the caravan a lot.

@Janae: Poor goldfish

@Alvaretta: I´m sorry for your dog smiley I don´t know if it will make you feel better or even worse, but did you see the memorial album Elaine Nowak is doing for her precious dog, Maggie, who has passed away? Its so full of sentiment! You can see the first page here, and find the others in her gallery.

I had two dogs growing up, and gerbils once. But the pet that we had recently was hamster. My oldest son picked her out, paid for her, and basically raised her, tamed her, and took care of her. She actually passed away this last weekend; she had been sick for a few weeks. The vet thinks she had a brain lesion. My son was devastated, and to be honest, I still find myself looking in on her cage (my son is not ready to get rid of the cage, even though we held a burial for her).
I'm sure the next pet will be a hamster, and eventually we'll convince my husband we need a dog. smiley

My cat, Gracie Girl is 10 years old. My daughter found her in a shopping cart behind the store she worked at. Gracie was only about 6 weeks old and someone had put her in the cart and because she couldn't get out she kept crying until she was found. My daughter called me about the cat, I went to see her and decided to take her home. I named her Gracie Girl because I felt she was my saving grace at the time as I was going through a rough spot in my life. She follows me everywhere. She usually has to be where ever I am. She is a bit feral so she doesn't like to be held but she does like to lay in my lap, and she sleeps with me at night. Right now she is laying in her bed next to my chair, and she is watching me. When I go to my sewing room she will follow me and lay in her bed there. At night when I am in the living room she sleeps in the chair next to me until it is time to go to bed. She is my constant companion.

I've got a 14 year old cat named Tigger, a 6 year old cat named Twilight that belongs to my oldest son, a Peekapoo named Orion, and 3 foster kittens I am raising because their mama was shot named Squishy, Pooperella (My boys named her!), and Troublemaker.

Nice stories. We have a Irish Setter and two birds.
You can see pictures here.

So sorry about the loss of your son's hamster, Julie. smiley Karen, it's a special feeling to have a feral cat trust you and it sounds as if she really adores you. smiley Nikki, I just love the name Pooperella - too funny! smiley Gorgeous dogs, Nadia! smiley

This week we donated our living room couch and chair to the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Our cats (being creatures of habit) were not pleased at first, but they are adjusting. lol! smiley

I love animals but sadly enough my husband is allergic to animals with fur. And I´m not that fond of reptiles. We used to have a fishtank, but when I witnessed some of the cannibalism that toook place there we sold it. The kids would love to have a kitten and the youngest son even suggested that dad could be living in the garage so that we could have the cat in the house!

LMAO to your son Jennica. Maybe a Don Spynx? They seem ugly at first, but can be cute if you rehthink them :p

We have three beautiful dogs, Bandit, who is 14, Max who is 12, and Chance who is 7. They are all mixed breeds.

Bandit needs to have surgery on Monday to remove a tumour from over his eye, in his "eyebrow", and also to have some teeth removed and the rest cleaned. I'm so nervous. I am worried something bad will happen. I will be distraught if it does. I'm a very emotional person, and if something bad happens to him, I think it will be very devastating to us. Mike loves him just as much as I do. We're both dog lovers. smiley They are worth every penny we ever have to spend on them, and any worries we go through.

I would never want to live my life without a dog or three, because they make the days better, and they have so much love to give. smiley

I have a 10year old Maltese cross silky terrier dog named B'Elanna, A 3 year olds rag doll cat named Sammy. A Cockteil of unknown age (giveaway) named whistles and my son got a mini schnauzer puppy for his birthday as he ensures me he is responible enough now to look after a pet all by himself. We also have as green tree frog that lives in a pot on the verandah, numerous king parrots, lorrikeets, doves and butcher birds that come asking for food. Sometimes a kookaburra or two as well. We also hand raised a frog mouth baby owl who comes back and visits with his family at certain times of the year.