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I love certain kind of script fonts. My favorites are Soymilk and Arsenale.

I have a font addiction do I know I will be looking this thread over. I am using the font Esteh from dafont quite often lately.

I've been on a brushwork script kick recently so actually have purchased a few fonts from Nicky Laatz that I love!

Handlettering fonts! smiley I don't really use them in my own layouts, more in my designs probably, but I do love them. Autumn in November is a good one, just like Better Together, Bromello, October Twilight, and as a Dutch girl, I really like the font Amsterdam too. But also big bold fonts are fun to use.

I can't find the post now, but whomever suggested dafont.com was wonderful. I am such a novice, I just downloaded my first ever True Type Font and it worked. Thanks.

I love DJB Fan Girl, it's my most-used hand-lettered font. I also love big swirly fonts that are good for WA or titles.

Thanks Cat for the tip, I have all my fonts downloaded...LOL I guess it is time to google system fonts and clean it out. I do have Fontviewer, just never really used it.

After reading this topic I of course went wild on downloading more fonts smiley

I like two fonts one use to be on windows for free .. Gabriola not sure if it still there but I still have it due to saving it with a backup.
I use it in Windows and Email and PHotoshop & Paint Shop pro.

The other is a free at dafont Gabrielle https://www.dafont.com/gabrielle.font

Thanks for the fonts everyone I like the look of the Milk & Cereal font.

I used to use Font Thing but it is so ancient it does not work well with my Dells . Plus every download I find for it my virus programs go crazy. .

What I use for years and very pleased is The Font Runner 3 it free holds all my fonts .. and it works in photoshop or paint shop pro, Photoshop Elements

if you install it make sure you go in the Font Runner menu View & check mark " Share Fonts with other applications" for the fonts to show in the editors. Plus you can have your font folder anywhere on computer just direct it to the fonts


95% of my projects are done using American Typewriter. I've also been using DK Lemon Yellow Sun from Dafont.com

Vetern Typewriter and Pea Kari (for well.. wonderful reasons)

I tend to lean towards script, hand written, and old typewriter fonts. However, there are many fun display fonts as well! I use Font Book on my mac to manage all my fonts. I like that I can create collections and disable any font when not in use, which helps free up space. I collect my commercial fonts from Font Space, Font Bundles, Font Squirrel, & sometimes Hungry JPEG.

I find myself leaning mostly toward handwritten and brush fonts, though I do have a whole slew of other fonts in my collection too. And I compulsively collect more every time I visit a site that has free fonts. I keep mine organized with NexusFont, which has done a pretty good job of it.

I am a font freak. I love them all. smiley I tend to use which ever one agrees with my mood at the time.

Great thread! I hoard fonts. smiley

Blossom or Hello Beautiful are my fav for Bible verses and titles. https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/blossom-script/ http://bit.ly/hellobeautifulfont

Samantha if I want to play with glyphs (expensive) https://www.mightydeals.com/deal/samantha-script-font.html

I bought commercial use for a ton of Kimberly Geswein's handwriting fonts. My go to for most journaling. http://www.kimberlygeswein.com/font-finder/


Marisa...is this a safe place to download fonts? I'm sure it is or you wouldn't post it...lol. I'm so hooked on Dafont because (knock on wood) it's been safe so far. smiley

I really like that one! smiley

It has been a while since I downloaded a font from that site. I download most of my fonts now from https://www.fontsquirrel.com/ and haven't had any issues.

A couple of my recent faves are - shoreline script https://www.dafont.com/shorelines-script.font
and DK Lemon Sun - https://www.dafont.com/dk-lemon-yellow-sun.font

I always like the look of a typewritten letter. So, it's also applies to my favourite typeface https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/list/find_fonts?q%5Bterm%5D=typewriter&q%5Bsearch_check%5D=Y

Monotype Cursiva is one of my favs, right along with a few others.

Monotype Cursiva is one of my favs, right along with a few others.

I truly madly deeply love baskerville old face. It's a serif font with an old feel, but it's subtle. It's not a font that screams "look at me, I know where the font selector is!" It adds just the right amount of class to writing (if used in the right context, of course). It's like paprika. It's never the star of the show, but it's a wonderful touch.

Why not make your own?! https://www.calligraphr.com/en/

I use this all the time, very cool. Here's some I've made https://www.fontspace.com/graphicsbam

My go-to for many projects is Strawberry Blossom ( I ended up buying the commercial version)

I'm a fan of script fonts, especially ones that either look old fashioned, have a retro feel or use a brush.

I really dig handwritten fonts, but I do say that one of my peeves is script fonts where it's very difficult to make out what the letters actually are.

For instance, one free one that came up a while back on one of the sites I follow was "Rock and Doll," but the D on "Doll" looked so much like an alternate R that it took a while to parse. Or worse, the ones that are a bit all over the place and jumpy in appearance (and there seem to be a lot of those), rather than smoothly in line. But that's just me. Clearly other people like them, and that's fine. smiley

I agree with Amanda. I think sometimes font designers sacrifice legibility to make their font unique.

I 've also noticed that occasionally I will see a script font where an letter looks like part of it is missing. I've gone pickier as time's gone by (because I have so many fonts) so I try to check all the letters and usually I don't bother downloading fonts like that.

As well, I generally tend to avoid fonts that are missing numbers or other characters. (I make occasional exceptions).

Lately, I've only been downloading fonts that allow commercial usage so I can use them for designs (& I have so many personal use only ones, I don't need any more.)

I love fonts and have a bit of an addiction to collecting them.

I feel now might be the time to become more picky rather than just download anything and everything I see. Has anyone got any tips on simplifying my collection as I would like to have around 50-100 in total on my pc. There are currently 500+ and I am never going to use them all.

I have some of your fonts from Creative Fabrica, Ben. smiley

I've been looking for a good way to create a few fonts I can use to make alphas, since most desktop licenses don't allow for that and many of the Google Fonts have been done to death. I may have to check into Calligrapher more--thanks for the recommendation!