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File Size for Gallery Posts

I'm just wondering what size/resolution that you (the more experienced gallery posters) save your files in so you can upload them to a gallery. I find that by the time I reduce the size and resolution to get them small enough to upload it distorts the image. What's the secret?

You want to upload them on the gallery here or another?
Most galleries will give you the proportions that they require.
Here it's 800x800 atleast and no more than 1000x1000 pixels.
I just upload them as they are and while they are uploading they adjust to be no more than the max limit automatically. My scrapbook pages are 8x16 inches and I normally do a 200 resolution (but those sizes are because I do 2 pages at once and have them printed into a physical book). I don't change the size for my facebook either and they upload alright.

I do mine 600x600 @ 72dpi personally just because some galleries I've posted on in the past had stringent limits. By doing them myself all at one size, I was able to create an action, "save for web gallery"... and in PS I can run a batch convert all at once on them. I am then able to save them all at a 9 on the compression scale (in that same re-sizing action, I created) and that way they were always small enough for any gallery I uploaded to. It worked for me, preventing any blurring I use to get if I let their gallery re-size it for me. Although, this may be getting better and better through the years with so many people uploading constantly from digital cameras. Now galleries probably have a better compression while re-sizing as uploading than it used to be. I'm not a web programmer so I'm not sure about how they do that and I just never changed the way I do it now from then. Kind of the old adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" LoL

I haven't uploaded anything to the gallery here, yet, since I just found you and haven't had time yet! I have uploaded to a few others though and they have all typically had a size limit but have not automatically resized them for me. The size limits have been around 125 MB which usually requires me to shrink a 12x12 jpeg down to about 2.5 inches and changing the resolution to 150 or less which makes the image look kinda messed up. Here's the big catch, though....I don't use photoshop. (SHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Don't tell everyone I'm a big dufus!) I will someday, but I just don't have the time to learn it right now. I'm using Microsoft Digital Image Suite, which I had to track down a copy of on Ebay, because that's what I learned on and this old dog ain't ready for new tricks. That means I don't speak PS!!!! Batch convert and action and such don't mean anything to me. Someday....

If you have any other advice, I'll gladly take it. Thanks.

Sometimes I'm lazy and don't convert my layouts before uploading them here. The site will make them smaller for you, and they seem to look okay. Obviously the upload goes faster if you resize first, but if it's stressing you out you don't have to worry about it (here at least).

Anyone know of any way to batch exports in the free software GIMP? Something I guess I'll have to learn...I think there's the possibility of it, but I'm still on the learning curve of the software...(and @ Kristen yes it's not very user friendly, with that learning

I think there are ways to write your own, I think it's in the "Script Fu"...just haven't started exploring that 1st priority has been learning to scrap with it. Even taught my dad a few things today over Skype screen share, as he wanted to put together some scans of his father's obituary and save as PDF file.