Help us add a new designer at Pixel Scrapper ❤

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Help us add a new designer at Pixel Scrapper ❤

Dear Pixel Scrapper community:

We're looking to add an amazing new designer--Jessica Dunn of Antebellum Press--to our team, but to do that we need to boost our monthly income a little bit, and we're trying to figure out how. We've considered raising subscription prices (for new subscribers) as we add new designers, but we would like to avoid that if at all possible, so we've landed on the idea of a donation drive.

Most of our income at Pixel Scrapper comes from paid subscriptions, and those subscriptions are the primary way that we support ourselves and our designers (thanks so much to all of our subscribers and Patrons!). But subscriptions have never been our only source of income: part of the reason we can maintain low subscription prices and give away thousands of free download credits every day is thanks to the generosity of members who believe in our vision and have donated to Pixel Scrapper over the years (thanks so much!). Our donation framework has existed behind the scenes for a while, but this month we've decided to hold our first donation drive in an attempt to raise support to the level we need to be able to confidently add a new designer to our team.

If you appreciate Pixel Scrapper and the vision that we stand for (see our Manifesto), please consider making a small one-time donation, or monthly pledge. Even $1 a month for 12 months makes a difference.

We've decided that if we can gain 100 new supporters by the end of the year, we will be able to add Jessica to our team starting in January. We think this would be a win/win for everyone, since it would give you all access to amazing new designs every month, and allow us as a community to support Jessica in the next phase of her exciting creative journey (we'd love to be able to support as many designers as possible, but we have to grow at a pace that is sustainable and in line with our income).

We've got some new supporter badges to give out to anyone who donates by the end of the year, but it's important to note that supporting Pixel Scrapper through donations is entirely voluntary: no member of our community should ever be made to feel like they have a lesser status because they do not have a Patron or supporter badge. Different people support Pixel Scrapper in different ways, and all of that together is what allows Pixel Scrapper to be what it is. Monetary support is vital and appreciated, but it is not the only way that people contribute!

(If you are a paying subscriber, you are doing a lot to support our site already, and we certainly don't expect anything more from you--though if you want to donate as well, we are very grateful.)

Thank you all so much for making this community what it is, and contributing in all the different ways that you do!

Help us add a new designer! Click Here to Become a 2016 Supporter

P.S. Here are a few examples of Jessica's past designs, and things she has in store!

I just donated, as I love Jessica's designs, and it would be awesome to have her as part of the Pixel Scrapper design team!

Wow! I love the new designer. With the help of our community, I hope that she can join PS as a designer.

I love also these designer and I participate

Just posting another comment to bring this thread back up to the top again, as I'm a little disappointed that only three of us have posted comments so far. Hopefully more people have donated, though!

Please help Jessica to join the Pixel Scrapper Design Team!!


Was my participation registered ???

I would love to have Jessica on our team, I think she makes a really good addition. I donated as well, hope many more people will!

You ladies are the best!!! smiley smiley Thanks for all the sweet words & support! You all made my day! smiley

I wish I had the money to be able to donate, as Jessica would be a fantastic addition to the designers here.

Thanks everyone for your comments. The drive is going well, I know it's a busy time of year for a lot of people. We'll have an update for you soon!

I donated and hope it helps Jessica Dunn and other designer who are wanting to join, lovely kits Jessica smiley

Jessica does such beautiful work! She'd be an amazing asset to not only the team but the site as a whole in a designer role. smiley

Looking forward to seeing Jessica as a new addition to PS

Thank you all so much for your support! So far 57 people have donated towards this drive. Our new goal is 75 supporters (so just 18 more), and we are extending the drive through January 15th.

@Mutti: Sorry for the delayed response. We will get back to you shortly.

Happy to be able to contribute to adding another designer. I love the variety of the community here and gain so much from it all. Thanks for always innovating!

We just hit 75 Supporters (our modified goal)! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed! We will be announcing Jessica "officially" as a new member of our design team very soon. smiley

So exciting!

Wooooo hooo! That is great news, Marisa! I'll look forward to your announcement. So happy for everyone that's involved.

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to design for Pixel Scrapper! Thank you Marisa for that opportunity and for all of those who have been so supportive in this endeavor. I've been awestruck by all the generosity shown! Love to you all! smiley smiley smiley

Yes, Yes, YES!!! I am absolutely THRILLED that Jessica is to be Pixel Scrapper's newest designer!!

Woohoo! I wasn't able to be a supporter, not in the budget, but I was HOPING PixelScrapper would make that goal-----I'm so glad they did! Awesome, Jessica!