Laptop Screen Colour Fix

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Laptop Screen Colour Fix

The display on my new laptop had a horrible yellowish tinge, and the colours looked really bad, and we have been able to fix it with this program, AMD Software Adrenalin Edition; it has lots of settings you can adjust to get your display exactly how you want it. Here's the link:

Hope someone else finds this useful.

Thanks for sharing Robyn!

smiley Thank you, Robyn! Great share.

You’re welcome, Marisa and Bina!

I just thought that, if it helped me, it might help someone else!

Of course, I still have no idea how much this new laptop is going to cost me, as I haven’t had a bill from them yet! I keep asking them for one, and they keep saying not to worry about it, they trust me, and I’ll get the bill when they get around to making it up!