Noah's Ark Theme Park

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Noah's Ark Theme Park

My husband is taking me our first vacation in many years, he told me to choose where I want to go. I'm wanting to go to the Noah's Ark Theme Park in Kentucky, but I've not really talked to anyone who's ever been there. I was wondering if anyone here has visited it, and if so is it worth the trip? I've read alot of nice things about it, but would still be nice to hear from someone who's actually been there..

How sweet & you get to choose!

I have never heard of it, but will be Googling it indeed!

Oh Jackie,

I would like to go there too (probably not in this lifetime), I already saw a photo report about it and there is a video on YouTube:
Ark Encounter - Full size

Website "Think Bigger"

I haven't been there yet myself, but one of my good friends recently took her family and she enjoyed it.

I have never heard of Noah's Ark amusement park in Kentucky. What do you think about the Ark Encounter location? You can refer to for more information. I think this seems like a good destination

When I read "Noah's Ark" I got all excited there was another "Wisconsinite" in the house! Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin is know for it's many water parks and, you guessed it, we have a "Noah's Ark" as well.

Regardless, I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. A word of advice though: SUNSCREEN! smiley


I heard about this a while ago (I can't even remember where now), so had to Google it. It looks absolutely amazing! From the photos on their website, and from reading about it, it looks to be well worth a visit. I think that anyone who is interested in Biblical history, and history in general, would find it fascinating. I'll never get there myself (I live in Australia), but it's definitely a place I would be interested in seeing, if I ever had the chance.