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Layouts being posted on pinterest

Hi there
Is there anyway I can stop my layouts being pinned on pinterest? I am flattered, but I just don't like how when you click on the pic you can see my photo/profile etc and also don't really want kids pics on pinterest.
I have unfortunately deleted all my layouts on here. I don't want to, but do I have to delete my whole pixelscrapper account so people can't see everything from pinterest? I have deleted my photo, surname etc and I have deleted the layout concerned - but it is still on pinterest.
TIA to anybody that has an answer
smiley Sarah

Hi Sarah. I'm really sorry that your layouts were pinned to Pinterest when you didn't want that to happen smiley. Unfortunately, we don't have any control over anything that happens on Pinterest, but you should be able to contact them through their help center at . It might work best to simply contact the person who pinned your layout, and ask if they wouldn't mind removing it. The way Pinterest works is, if you post something publicly on the internet, it can be pinned; we are looking into an option that will allow people to upload layouts and tell Pinterest that they don't want them to be pinned, but that is not available yet.

We appreciate that some people have a desire for a high level of privacy, and in such cases we encourage those users to use a pseudonym for their profile name, and a public domain photo for their profile image: you aren't required to provide any real personal information to interact on our site--just a name that sounds real, and a photo that looks like a real person. Why? Because the point of Pixel Scrapper is to encourage a certain level of community, and we can't have community without faces or names (please take a look at our profile expectations).

Posting information on Pixel Scrapper is similar to posting information on other publicly available websites: we all have to decide how much we are willing to share on the internet: it's privacy on the one hand in exchange for community and connection with people who we can't see in "real life," because they don't live next door. Personally I am willing to give up some amount of privacy for the sake of having friends and community online (Marisa and I use our real names and photos, and Marisa posts real layouts without blurring the images). In this day and age it's possible to find almost anyone's name and photo on the internet--the good news is, financial institutions and such are aware of this fact: and so you need a lot more than someone's name and photo to be able to effectively impersonate them, or steal their identity. We have never had any cause for concern in that regard.

All of that being said, I'm extremely sorry that your layouts were pinned when that's not what you wanted, and I totally respect people who come down on the side of extreme privacy--even people who decide not to use the internet at all. That's why we do not require people to share their real name or picture on Pixel Scrapper, and why we will be looking into ways to provide different levels of privacy for those who desire it. We already have a plan to provide privacy options regarding who can view profiles and layouts, and hope to implement those in the near future.

As far as deleting your whole account, that will not make any difference on what people see on Pinterest. If you go to your account now, you can see that no data is available there, since you have deleted everything.

I hope you can get the Pinterest thing taken care of--like I said, I would recommend contacting the person who pinned your layout. If you need any help there, or with anything else, please just let us know.

P.S. I'd love to talk to you about additional privacy controls on Pixel Scrapper, once we are ready to test them... would you be interested in giving us feedback on those once we're ready for it?

I am probably one of the people guilty of this. I pin the layouts that I smiley on this site so that I can find them easier later - because I am able to tag them how I want. If I did pin any of your layouts I am sorry and have no problem taking them down if you tell me which ones they are. However like Jordan has said now they have been pinned they are out there. I guess that I figured since you had already released them into digiland it was ok.

These are the pinterest boards (here, here, here & here) where I have posted my *heart*ed layouts if any of them are yours and you want me to delete the pins just send me a message of which layouts they are and I will take them down.

@Kaleena: I think it's totally fair to assume that you are free to pin something that somebody has posted publicly on the internet--all of Pinterest works on that assumption.

The problem here is just a misunderstanding about how Pinterest works, and how the Pixel Scrapper gallery works. I have just added an additional note when uploading layouts, about the Pixel Scrapper gallery (like most galleries I'm aware of) being publicly viewable. Hopefully this will help prevent misunderstandings like this in the future.

Ok thanks, Jordan. The added clarification will be helpful smiley

It's all good - I just wasn't aware that could happen. But now I know smiley
Thanks Kaleena and Jordan smiley

You can block pinners from pinning on Pinterest .... I've done that when I had a Chinese spammer ... reported him as well ... not sure you want to block those pinning your layout though but if you don't know the person then it is a way of controlling it somewhat

Thanks for the info - I was also not aware that our layouts could be pinned I though they were just visible to others on this site. Hmmm-- leaves me with a dilemma.

It did me too Cheryl - I removed all my layouts smiley I didn't have a clue lol, I was the same as you I thought only people on here could see them.

I'd suggest that until Jordan gets a chance to develop more privacy/ Pinterest , that those wishing NOT to have their layouts "pinned", try putting a

"PLEASE NO PINNING on Pinterest!"

At the top of your description when you post to the gallery. This way our community knows that there are privacy concerns. I've got many friends that it would be an issue with...i.e. they have foster children, or adopted children. I even had to think carefully about picking photos of my older children because of this fact.

My kids are older, and so the concerns I face are different from years past.

@Jordan I'm sure there are several that could help with testing/ and brainstorming concerning the privacy issue. Do we have a discussion thread on this yet?

Thanks Laura for the helpful suggestion.

The best place to discuss this issue (or vote for it) is on our feedback forum here.

More privacy controls are something we are thinking about, but they are not yet in development. The best way to move them to the top of our list is for people to vote the issue up on the feedback forum.

On Pinterest:
You can now create secret boards that only you and those you invite can see. Look under the create new board section and when creatingi it, mark the "keep it secret" yes, it will put an icon on it and then only you can see that board, the board shows up in a separate section below the regular boards

Hope this helps. I created a secret board just for gifts I might get people for birthdays and next Christmas and for things I want to remember.