Please Vote in our Poll - Thank you!

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Please Vote in our Poll - Thank you!

We've been busy in the Designer Challenge forum, making entries for the first monthly "Show & Tell" Challenge. (Any and all are welcome to join us if you'd like to participate next month!) Now we need your help picking a "Best of Show" winner. It will just take a minute to vote and it would be much appreciated.

The entries are located in this forum post. Each response has been assigned an entry number. Scroll down through the entries--there are 29 to choose from. Pick your favorite (it's gonna be hard--there are lots of pretty responses.) smiley Take note of the entry number assigned to the one you like best. Click the link to the poll. Tick the number for your choice and click "vote." That's it!

You have helped your fellow scrappers out a bunch and we couldn't be more thankful!


Thank you, Mariana! smiley

I voted yesterday! YAY! But, I just went back to check and, even though I already voted, it isn't showing me the vote count results. That's a bummer. Anyway, how long is the poll open for?

Thanks for voting, Christina. I appreciate it!

You already know this, but I hid the results. smiley I wanted the winner to be surprised! It will be open for one week. I thought I would announce the winner next Scraptorial Tuesday unless it is an 8-way tie because no one else helped us out by voting! smiley

Since you're the only one who can see the results, you know how many people have voted. Maybe you could ask Marisa to make a blog post or something, so everyone sees it? The most active sub-forum is the layout challenges, but it would be inappropriate to post about the poll there. lol I'll post something in my freebie thread. Don't know if it'll do any good, but it can't hurt, either!

Eight voters. Probably the eight people who made entries. I just don't know how active any of the forums are. I posted in The Commons thread, but it feels like no one much frequents that thread unless they have a question about uploading. I hate to bother Marisa. She seems super busy.

I just published your other post to the front page, so more people should see it smiley

Yeah, sounds like it was just us. smiley I made a post in my freebie thread about it, so hopefully that'll generate a few more votes. I just thought of somewhere else: In the description of the elements I uploaded to the Commons. Worth a shot!

It will go out in the newsletter tomorrow (Friday) as well. So make sure the poll stays open through the weekend!

Oh, thank you, Marisa! I do appreciate it very much! Yes, will stay open through next Tuesday. Very excited to get more votes. WOO HOO!

This is totally unrelated to the poll... I just have to say: Look at you! That photo is lovely! You look fantastic!

Voted! It's the least I can do to help out, since I've completely dropped the ball on doing any of the designer challenges for now. (I haven't forgotten about that Scraptorial mini-kit, it's just all I can do to even make scrapbook pages these days! Hoping I can use WLM to get more caught up, and then maybe have a little more free time to get back to it.)

it says votes are not being accepted at this i too late? lol