Recommendations for Online Digital Scrapbook Program

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Recommendations for Online Digital Scrapbook Program

Hey Crafters!

It seems that after 5 years, I'm outgrowing Mixbook for making my scrapbooks. I'm interested in finding a new program that I can use to print complete books but also allows me to upload my own stickers, backgrounds, etc. Any recommendations for something robust and easy to use that's web based?

I'm not super familiar with online options. I know there are a lot of app scrappers out there, check out this Facebook group.

Shannon, have you looked into Canva? That could be a possibility for you smiley I'm happy to try and help you with it.
(I'm in that FB group Marisa smiley )

I am not familiar with the program you mentioned but I use Adobe InDesign and it is awesome for making digital scrapbooks. You can create an entire scrapbook in one file/document and then export it in many formats for uploading.