Scrapbooking Music and the Wacky Holiday of the Day.

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Scrapbooking Music and the Wacky Holiday of the Day.

Does anybody else listen to music while scrapbooking? Or let me be a little more specific. Does the music you listen to while you are scrapbooking influence your designs?

I've been listening to Fernando Ortega this morning.
Every day I go to my holiday site (Nationaltoday or HolidayInsights) and choose one of the days holidays. There are lots to choose from believe me. That determines what kit I need to get or create so I can make my journal pages. I have been keeping personal journals since 1998. I am now going back and putting them all on my computer and creating journaling pages for them. Then print them out and save them in binders. I will give them to my grandkids after i die. Morbid thought I know, but I wish my grandmothers would have done that for me. Anyway, the music I listen to definitely determines how I create.

For instance, today's holiday choice. Hard Candy Day... I could have gone with the traditional reds and greens, but the music is putting me in the mood for yellow greens (think Grinch) and hot pinks.

Anybody else crazy like me that does this?

I think that the music u wanna play while scrapbooking or anything else for sure gas influence on what u do and how.

When i do xmas stuff i love the music that come with that.

Or when u are working on vacaction pictures u want that mood with it. So then i choose that kinda music.

Yes! All the time! I play whatever I am in the mood for, and it usually helps spark my creativity and guide my design.

Yeah, me too.

I listen to Christmas music all year long...especially if I'm working on Christmas pages

I get so focused that any sudden sound startles me, maybe music in the background would help. Hmmmm

When I have to concentrate I must have quiet. I know the ladies I used to scrapbook at the store with always had the radio and I'd be lucky if I could complete a layout. Although they seemed to think it helped them concentrate, my brain just goes elsewhere with the distraction.

That's how I do it. I too get startled by someone coming up behind me when I working (scrapbooking). I have learned to have my phone on looping music or videos on it. This definitely helps me. Someone coming up behind me may still jar me, but at least it's not that heart stopping fear you get when you are sitting in a quiet room.

@Sharin Johnson: Same here. smiley