Sewing Amateurs & Gurus :D

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Sewing Amateurs & Gurus :D

We were talking in another thread about scrapping & Crafting and got off on the subject of Sewing especially since most of us tend to be crafters at heart and have many talents & hobbies we enjoy.

So, I thought I would create a thread specifically just to Chit Chat specifically about "Sewing" if anyone wanted to share new techniques they've learned about, equipment they've seen or used, or even share a picture of a project you're most proud of or even one you're working on currently.

Little about me, I shared:
I still have a tough time sewing denim just perfect. I did get a heavier duty machine a year or so back on Thanksgiving sale for less than $200 just to do materials like that on. I want a good Serger so bad for finishing, etc but just can't seem to find what I think is a great one at a FAIR price.
IMO It's gotten so expensive to SEW now between our equipment and tools required and the fabric & notions to finish a piece that sometimes, I feel it's just cheaper to buy it vs make it... especially if you set aside the customization and personal satisfaction of doing it yourself.
That's why I still love quilting so much. It's becoming a lost ART of sorts. Some of the elder ladies in our community absolutely AMAZE me with their talent & skills!
I especially love the state fair where people come from all over the state and you can see their amazing work!

Reposting at Shawna's request, from the previous thread. smiley

@Bina - based on the patterns I've been seeing lately, it seems like cropped shirts are in, so that might be part of it. I can't get long sleeves to actually cover my wrists, or usually pants to not gape terribly at the back, unless I make them myself.

I don't think there is a PS equivalent for sewing, sadly. There is a site called Pattern Review that is pretty big, and does have the Ravelry-type function of users showing and reviewing patterns, but it doesn't have the features like the free patterns to download. Depending on if you like the style of the clothes inside, one recent resource I've found that might help you is this book. The knit pants I just finished trying out were actually from here. The patterns are a little crazy to trace out because of the way they're layered on the sheets, but the patterns were purposely designed to be very beginner friendly - no buttonholes or zippers or anything of that sort. I've been sewing since I was a kid, so I didn't really pay much attention to the opening section with basic instructions about measuring yourself and lengthening patterns and all that, but it looks like it's easy to understand.

There's a good list of free patterns to download and print on the show notes for this podcast, though you have to scroll past a lot of youtube video links to find it. The same podcast also has a couple of episodes on beginner sewing that might be helpful.

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Thanks so much Becky!

Somehow my reply got lost in transition and is probs still sittin in that other thread. smiley
I checked out the site you mentioned smiley and it is an entire universe.Thank you. smiley

After spending some time browsing the lovely patterns, it occured to me to just do it the other way around and I started making patterns from my best fitting clothes and decided to go from there. Instead of finding a pattern, since I basically already have the pattern.