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I am the oldest out of three children. I am 29 (almost 30, yikes!), my brother is 27, and my sister is 21. I always liked being the oldest. smiley

I am a 3rd of three. It never occurs to me that I can't do anything because I had to, to keep up with two older brothers who spent their childhood trying to ditch me. Didn't work.

hi im the third and last also the only girl spoiled lol. smiley

I am the youngest of two. Have the world best "big sister" who is 3 1/2 years older than me.

I am one of two. The baby. My older brother is 7 years older.

Eldest of three.

I'm the oldest of 4! I have 2 younger sisters and a brother.

I really like your hair! And based on your fandoms we should definitely be friends! haha smiley

I'm the second child of 4 girls!! smiley

I am the oldest of 6
28, 21, 20, 15, 5, & 3.

I´m the big sister to my brother. It´s three years between us.

I am the youngest of four. My siblings are 8 1/2, 6 1/2, and 5 1/2 years older than me. By the time I was in 8th grade, they were mostly out of the house. I definitely had the benefits of the youngest child!

i'm the oldest child of 2 :)

I'm so glad to read that my family isn't the only "interesting" one here... I am the youngest of four and the only girl... at least until I was 10. Then I was the 4th of 6, the oldest of 3 girls. Half siblings (two oldest brothers) and adopted siblings (two younger sisters), I was also the youngest of the two fully biological siblings.

If you understood all that, I'm impressed! smiley Most of the time I was growing up, there was no distinction between halfs, wholes, or adopteds. They were just my brothers and my sisters.

I am second of 3 girls. Makes me a "middle child".

I am the second oldest. My older sister was into dolls, then make up! Me- I played with my two younger brothers, I loved horses, all animals, toy cars, racing around pretending to be riding horses, my brothers helped me up trees and down them too! What was that personality test Marisa?

Penny, I completely get that. I listed myself as the oldest of 6, but it's more complex than that. All of my siblings are half, and three of them aren't related to two of them.

And then, of course if you're from a big family there's the issue of "cousins." Most people mean their first cousins, of which I have 10. But my large family keeps in in loose contact with each other, so that 2nds and Removeds and such are also called "cousin." Of that, I have no idea how many I have, because I know my parents have a total of 56 cousins.

I'm the oldest of 5. I am totally an oldest child too!! Lol

I totally understand the "cousins" thing! In my mom's family, a cousin is a cousin. I'm closer to some of the children of my mom's first cousins than I am to a few of my own first cousins. It all depends on who was around when we were growing up and who is around now that we're all adults. My nephews consider my first cousin their aunt, and all of my cousin's kids consider us their aunts and uncles. Family... gotta love them, no matter how confusing they are! smiley

I am the middle child....now.
I have a biological older brother and sister, and an adopted younger brother and sister.
That old saying, how does it go, about the "baby" getting everything - NEVER applied to me when I was the baby,
but I have also heard it go that the "middle child" gets everything -Nope. That doesn't happen either! Haha!

I'm an only - and love it!

I'm the oldest and have 3 younger brothers. Thought life was totally unfair as I had to help my mom with chores far more than my brothers and of course be an example *sigh*. That's probably why I am lazy now, hate chores smiley

@ Elizabeth: I'm an only too. It seems like it's quite rare looking at the other posts. I'm so happy to be an only child. And on top of it I'm the baby of the family. My cousins are old enough to be my parents because my mom was the baby in the family and both my parents were older then what is the norm when they had me.

I'm #6 out of 8 girls (biologically I'm the middle child, since several sisters were adopted).

I have 3 older brothers and 2 younger sisters ...I was the youngest until those 2 came along!

I'm the oldest of 5 (3 sisters, 1 brother)

Eldest child of four (five if including my father's son). I am very much a first born. <.< All the good and the bad bits.

I am the eldest, I have one sister 3 yrs younger than me.

There are 5 children in our family and I am number 4. Two Boys and three girls. My oldest brother is 10 yrs older than me so we aren't real close. He is 13 years older than the youngest. My parents had boy, girl, girl, girl, boy.

I am the youngest of my siblings, 4 sisters and 3 brothers