What child are you.

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I am the first of five. My youngest brother is 13 years younger. I am very much an oldest child. I like to make sure things get done, you know, the right way.

I am the eldest of two, my sister is 3 years younger than me, which resulted in a lot of spoiling because she was always the baby in our home smiley

I'm 4 of 4. That's right, I'm the baby ... gotta love me! smiley

I´m the second of four. First My older brother: 34, me: 32, My sister: 26 and my younger brother: 24

I am the oldest!

I'm the only One. (notice how I capitalized "One" - yep, that's what it does to you! haha)

This is confusing for me...

Between my birth dad and birth mom, im the only
In the family I grew up in ( my birth mom and step dad) Im the oldest and only girl
In my absent birth fathers bunch of girls he had with 3 different women, im in the middle.

I basically consider myself the oldest, as thats how I grew up

I am the Eldest of three.

I'm the middle of 3...

First of three and have all the first-child traits - for good or ill!

First born here! smiley First of two, and I'm the only girl.

I am the oldest of 6, terribly independent, disciplined, self motivated, organized, etc., and I always get up and do what I have to do to get things done. smiley

I had never heard of the Enneagram. Has anyone taken it, and if so, was it accurate and what did you learn about yourself?

The Enneagram is pretty neat. I've taken it and it points out your strengths & qualities that are strong in you.

I'm an only. My mother was practically an only (her brothers were grown up and gone when she was born) and my daughter is an only, too! I don't know what it would be like to have siblings.

I'm #3 of 4 and a typical middle child.

I'm the youngest of three. My sister was 10 years older than me and my brother was 9 years older than me.


2nd of 8, oldest girl ... 2 sisters, 5 brothers smiley

I'm the only! smiley

I'm a second of three and am the "go-to" problem solver as well. The typecasting of middle and second children is definitely off...quite often.