What is your favorite color?

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All red variants, white, primary colors




TURQUOISE! Not teal-y but more Caribbean blue! Calming and makes me happy!

Depends on what the color is used in/on/for. I like all colors but my go to fav is pink.

Yellow. I used to have a bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle; it was my all-time favorite car. You can never have a bad day in a yellow Beetle! smiley

My favorite color is burgundy. I do not find a lot of digi's in burgundy.

Red is my favorite color.
But I mostly wear black and add a splash of red now and then!

Teal or blue green and red orange

This is actually a hard question to answer because I love a lot of different colors. My quick answer is green. My favorite crayon in Midnight Blue. I find mostly peace in the earth tones.

Purple, of course!

I love navy, dark pink, dark purple and teal.
Most of my work dresses as a teacher are very bright and colourful! smiley

It used to be green. We had a green house and lime green VW when we were first married. But now it is the softest baby blue.

I love teal!

I love color in general, although there are certainly shades I don't care for. However, far and away my favorite is always YELLOW - the color of sunshine, bright and cheerful, it just makes me happy!

I love all colours but at the moment my favourite is green


My favorite color is blue

my favorite color is yellow. It gives me a feeling of joy!

my favorite color is yellow. It gives me a feeling of joy!

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My favorite colors are shades of blue, green and of course, blue green.

My favorite colors are green, pink and light blue.