What kind of learner are you?

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I like both video ( if video is a good one ) and tutorials you can read or print out to read with pictures but at times I learn better by written ones .. but there is one pet peeve of video... the ones claiming to show you ho to 's and they do not talk you through it they just do it with no words or with songs that is very loud .. plus some people do not talk loud enough or the talk to fast and it is hard to follow boy I sound negative don't I sorry

I learn okay from written tutorials, but I much prefer video. I want to see how it was done, the results at each step along the way, and follow along. Written tutorials don't usually show enough pictures for me to know whether I'm getting it right. And when my end result doesn't look like the example, where did I go wrong. I need to see it done and then do it myself, one step at a time.

I prefer video tuts but don't mind written ones either.

I guess I am a visual learner. I have to see how something is done. I also like to "do" when being instructed. Give me directions and let me do.

Visual & kinesthetic. I'm a quick learner on picking things up but if someone just tries to tell me how to do something, they usually have to tell me twice cause I'm so busy trying to picture it in my head. Show me then let me give it a go. Gotta love YouTube tutorials!

Visual & Kinesthetic combined. I have to see and do. If I just see it doesn't stick in my aging brain. If I see a video tutorial on something I have to sit down and do it myself or I forget. Seeing is better than hearing or reading though!

I would say I am visual but I also like written with pictures that I can print out and go back through the steps.

If I see it done first is easier for me but I also can do written instruction and verbal instruction as well.

I with you Lorien. I have to see, hear, and touch for the best learning to take place.

i'm a very visual person, it's hard for me to do anything without seeing it first.

what an interesting question. i've never really thought about it before. i do my best work hands on.

When watching video tutorials I tend to forget quickly and end up rewinding and pausing over and over. So now I prefer visual/text with step by step instructions, that way I can take notes and write things down. Listening to audio tutorials just seems to go in one ear and out the other smiley

I learn best by reading. My mind wanders when I watch video.

Showing me is the best way to teach me. I need to SEE it before I get it. Doing it myself comes next in line.

I am a hands-on type of learner, but visually works too if I'm up close. I don't think I'd make a good physical scrapbooker thought, my perfectionism would get in the way! I love that photoshop snaps things where they're supposed to be! Though I'm trying to learn that things being off center is okay!!

I'm a visual, hands-on learner. I get distracted too easily to learn well from auditory teaching alone. As for online tutorials: videos and pictures seem to be the best for me.

I learn better if I do it myself by trial and error (mostly error).;..

i do better with visuals, but i'd rather snapshots of the screen over video because it works better for me. there ARE times when a video helps more.....
i tend to, with scrapping, learn through trial and error, however.

I am most certainly a visual and hands on learner. I can still do it well by reading (like a recipe or written tutorial), but the other two are so much easier for me.

I don't do too well with someone telling me and then me going off to try and do it. Normally if some tells me how to do something I have to write down the steps to refer to later. smiley

Visual, including books though. If its a crafty type skill like sewing, crocheting, etc.. I need a video to really get it though. And of course, doing something yourself is the best way for me to learn something like that.

Mostly I need to see things but hearing and seeing or hearing seeing and doing it is best. And lately probably because of my age smiley writing it down so I can go back and review it is helpful.

Visual or hands on. I am hearing impaired so I have to be able to see it and do it. Repeat.

Def hands on and written. I have to be able to see it written before the hands on though...

When i was learning how to tag i used tutorials a lot, but these days i'm not tagging so i do my own thing.
If i need help with anything i usually ask my bessy Rachel ^^^ smiley
I know she is clued up about stuff like this so i go to her before anyone else.

Loaded question! I glean something from all the different ways. I can follow a written tutorial step by step, even better if it has pictures, and I like to watch videos. However, I always open WordPad and takes notes when watching a video. I can never remember everything I learned in a video, but it sinks in after I've done it hands-on a few times. When anyone asks me a computer question or a scrapbooking question, I find myself writing out the most detailed step-by-step directions with accompanying screenshots.

Visual and kinesthetic! Absolutely!

I'm a visual learner, but it also really helps for me to write or type the information.

I prefer videos, sometimes I need to replay... but I bookmark them so I can get back when I need to!

I'm learning all possible way. smiley

I'm such a kinesthetic learner. I always have to write down what my teacher tells me or do something else like drawing while I study or during my classes. If I don't, the concepts just won't stay in my head.