What kind of learner are you?

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I am more of a visual learner. I like written instructions, preferably with lots of pictures of various steps. Videos are good as long as I can pause/play along for the hands on practice.

I'm a visual/hands-on learner.
I like to watch and then do.
Written tutorials are ok as long as they are fairly detailed.

i can read tutorials and do almost anything and i like this way. bcos this allows me to do many new things too.

I like written tutorials, then videos. I learn a new skill best if I have both. My brain sometimes will do the aha thing with a text tutorial, other times it will be a video that will do it.

Visual and kinetic.

See, hear, do. I would not have done as well in college (graduated with a 3.89, and only because I had an actual TEST for the Health and Nutrition class. I FREEZE on tests.) had I not been able to see, hear, and do. Associates in Graphic Media Design. ME! The one who averaged no higher than Cs in grade and high schools!

Written with diagrams or photos works best for me. Videos are good but better with written text to back them up

I am a visual & kinesthetic learner though I can sometimes focus enough to be an auditory learner but only if the person speaking has passion. If you are a monotone speaker I will block you out and my mind will start to wander.

I always thought I was an auditory learner because I like lectures. But during this recent training I took, I found out that I am a hybrid: auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

I learn best by hands on. smiley I love exploring, researching, and seeing for myself what happens IF, LOL! But who doesn't also love visual too, right?

visual and kinesthetic.

probably because I am autistic, auditory is a giant pile of nope for me processing-wise for a learning style. Unless it's music though. Because music is processed differently in the brain than speech/language is.

I like youtube videos as long as hands aren't in the way of what I am trying to watch.
Nothing worse than a beautiful project and not able to see what is happening due to the angle of the camera.

I, too, need to be hands on. If I really like it I'll try it ... I do though enjoy watching vids on interested subjects - keep skills sharp, pick up tips/tricks sometimes.

I prefer to be hands on. Give me a set of written instructions and some room, really, that's all I need.

watch video and read some books
70% videos 30% books

I'm definitely not a "read the instructions" learner and much prefer visual and hands on.

I guess I fall under "visual, auditory, & kinestetic" as well. If I'm looking for a tutorial, I always want the video. Most of the time I'll watch the video all the way through then rewatch it as I try my hand at whatever they are teaching, making sure to pause and go back if something seems confusing. I don't mind the text and photo tutorials, but typically, I find the images lacking.

I prefer a written tutorial with pictures so I can follow along at my own pace. I get a bit too impatient and have a hard time paying attention to videos and I don't tend to do well if someone else reads to me or tells me what to do without being able to see the text written down.

Side note, Among my friends, I am always the one that has to read the instructions whether it be a recipe, putting something together, or playing a game. Apparently I'm pretty good at explaining what I read to others. I guess it's my superpower.

I learn by doing it myself, have a photographic memory for numbers, but not names,

Like many people, I'm a combination of all 3: auditory, visual & kinesthetic.

When I was in high school when taking a test, I'd often remember the teacher speaking and that would give me the answer. Having ADHD (never formally diagnosed because of my age), I'd take notes while studying. I wouldn't review the note I wrote but the kinesthetic (physical) act of writing would help me focus better & ensure the information got into my memory. I can see paragraphs in my memory but my mom could see entire pages.

I'm a retired supply/substitute teacher. Although I preferred teaching special ed classes, whenever I taught any class, I'd also always use a blackboard/white board for the visual learners. (Traditionally teachers rely on talking/verbal information which doesn't help the visual leaners.) Two of the best teachers I've observed would also use kinesthetic learning for teaching science/math. I tried to use kinesthetic methods whenever possible although as a supply/substitute teacher, I wouldn't always have access to suitable teaching materials & time to prepare for kinesthetically teaching a lesson.

BTW the jargon in education for using multiple methods of teaching is "multimodal learning" - using all 3 types of learning. It is something every teacher should use as much as possible as there are a diversity of learners in classrooms.

I'm totally hands on, and when my husband says " you won't be able to do that" I say "watch me!"

Depends on what it is. If it is a new craft definitely visual, but I'm also a logical & solitary learner.

I'm a visual learner. I can jump into things like cooking and remodelling without instructions but anything else no.

I need to do things over and over and over again.. I have memory problems so if I am away from doing something like say.... Poser (am trying to get back to that) I have to re-learn the how to's.. so far with not much luck!!!! It drives hubby nuts and he keeps showing me what to do... only for my to loose it the next day...... and yes, I get frustrated and embarrassed about it but I keep on agoing..... lol

I like to watch the videos but I have to consistently go back to watch them before I actually get it. I guess I prefer text instructions so I can print it then practice till I finally get it! I remember my Mom got really frustrated trying to teach me how to crochet; she said, "How can I teach you when you go at it like your digging taters!" smiley

I like to watch a video and also written examples. I've always been a quick learner, and still do, but as I've aged the memory doesn't retain as well so I tend to re-watch. Once a get an overview of what's going on, then I'm good to go.

I`m a visual, I can learn only when I see the information.

I am an "All the above" kind of learner. I have to hear, see, and do when it comes to learning more difficult tasks. In college, I learned that if I could listen to a lecture, write it down, go home and type it out and highlight the key points, I would score high marks. Just reading or just listening was not enough.

I learn best if I see it and then do it myself. However, the other night I was having a conversation with my pilot husband who's also an instructor pilot and he was saying one of his students was having a hard time grasping a concept. So he was "teaching" me while we were driving in the car just to see if I could "get' the concept. I'm not a pilot and have no real desire to get my license, but I understood the concept he was teaching me. lol

Visual and text learner here. That was how I taught myself how to use Photoshop and other computer programs. Of course lots of practice also helps, lol.