What's your favorite season?

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What's your favorite season?
53% (7 votes)
23% (3 votes)
15% (2 votes)
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 13

Defs winter. I looooooooooooooooove the cold.

Since we once rode a bus for 6 hours through a hot, monotonous desert, I have thanked God for four seasons. But spring is my favorite season of all.

Without a doubt, it has to be Spring for me. I love it when everything starts to wake up and come alive again!

Fall/Autumn is my favorite! The deep reds, oranges, and browns all are my colors!! I enjoy it most since the UV's are low enough we can walk freely outside to encourage more walks in the beauty of God's wonderful creations! Thank you for asking.

seconding Bina! i prefer colder weather and winter is prettier.

Each season in its unique way is great ... and also not so great. Possibly either Spring or Winter, depending.

spring (may)

For Sure it is Winter!!

Going to have to go with winter. My allergies behave better when there is nothing growing, and grey is my favorite color!

One vote for Summer, i love Summerrrr smiley

Although this vote ended, I want to say that winter is the best season to me... So great...