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Hello all

I thought I had already introduced myself, but that was probably wrong, or I was smiley in the wrong thread

My name is Sigrid and I live with my husband in Germany on the sea coast. We are pensioners, my husband often fishes and I like to live outside in our garden, in the forest and enjoy the Baltic Sea
many years ago I discovered scrapping in addition to creating graphics. I also do watercolor painting.
I've been following Pixelscrapper for a long time, I would like to participate here and I'm looking forward to the challenges

Hi Sigrid,

auch hier nochmal:

Darfst es dir gerne downloaden, wenn du magst smiley

vielen lieben Dank Doska, das mach ich gern

Hello, Sigrid. It sounds as though you are enjoying life to its fullest. I must say, you and Doska could be sisters! The resemblance between you two is remarkable.

That's funny Christina,

I thought the same thing while reading that there's a resemblance smiley)

Doska and Christina,
now it strikes me too, well we both come from Germany smiley

It's widely accepted in the sciences that every person has about 6 doppelgangers in the world. You two have found one! smiley

Oh Christina,

where did you read that, I would be interested.
My in-laws once went on a Danube boat trip, and they had a stewardess who looked like my twin sister. They brought a promotional brochure that had her pictured on it.

But I also had other experiences with patients who said that I resemble Queen Silvia of Sweden (back when I was young and dark-haired) and also a German actress, who is also my favorite actress. smiley

Has something like this already happened to you Sigrid? ( Ist dir sowas auch schon passiert Sigrid?)

Oh, you can just Google it, Doro. It's all over the internet. I found one of me several years ago on TV. Although, she is quite younger, but she looked exactly like me when I was her age. She was Miss Latvia that year in the Miss Universe pageant. I don't remember the year, though; probably around 2012.

Hello Sigrid smiley