Hi everybody!

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Hi everybody!

I'm Mel and I've been lurking around here for what seems like ages, learning from all of you. I'm a librarian at a college,and I have a grown and beautiful daughter who features in a lot of my pages. I hope you're all warm and dry today!



Hello, Mel! Gorgeous layout for a gorgeous woman! It's definitely not dry where I live. It's been raining all day, and I wish it were colder and snowy. lol

Hi Christina,

Nice to meet you! Thank you for the compliment, she makes it easy lol.

Bummer about the rain. I prefer snow, too. Can you at least stay inside and play and read?

Nice to meet you as well! Winter is my favorite season, and it's something that's currently eluding southern New England. smiley We've had about 1/2 an inch of snow so far and it's only reached below 25F a handful of times and that's been overnight. Last night, I actually read 5 chapters of a Star Trek: Voyager book. I mainly read sci-fi and fantasy with the occasional Stephen King novel. What about you?

Oh I love sci fi and fantasy! I'm reading Laini Taylor right now and I'm also a trekkie. I'm also in New England. Do you ever go to cons around here?

My daughter-in-law has suggested reading Laini Taylor's books. I've yet to get around to it. I'm on the Voyager series right now anyway and I'd rather not interrupt it with anything else. lol I used to go to cons, years ago, all over the US. Last one I attended was Dragon Con in 2009. The first one ever was in 1990 in Springfield, MA. No one was dressed up, except a couple trekkies. It was more like a computer and comic book show than anything else. Granted, there were collectibles to purchase from Star Trek, Star Wars, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, etc.