clipping mask in Illustrator

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clipping mask in Illustrator

I have learned how to use a clipping mask with texture in adobe illustrator but I can't find a tutorial that explains how to get rid of the texture surrounding the clipped object when you select it and choose out line. Can anyone help with this question? Maybe this is not an important issue but it bothers me when I am working with it,

I can do a couple things quite well in Illustrator, but outside of that I'm afraid I'm not much help! Honestly, I've always wondered how to do a clipping mask in Illustrator, but never been able to figure it out.

Thanks for responding! Took me a while too. Illustrator is not intuitive to my way of thinking but I'm no expert. I started in Photoshop and there are similarities but not on this topic. My Computer nerdy daughter got me started in Illustrator. I do know that you have to sandwich the texture between copies of the same shape and align the two shapes both horizonally and vertically. The bottom shape should have the color you want. Then go to "object", "clipping mask", "make". it turns out great but when selected it shows the texture beyond the clipping mask shape. It can be erased but with a detailed outline that is quite difficult and time consuming. Guess I will try opening it in Photoshop and see what can be done with it.
Thanks again

I don't know if this will help, but I did a Google search, and this is the first thing that came up:

Disclaimer: I'm the Jon Snow of Illustrator -- "I know nothing"!

Thank-you for taking the time to google it. I checked it out and understand it. It just that when you use a clipping mask , the area around the clipped result is still like a ghost that doesn't go away. I watched Game of Thrones and loved it but don't know when did Jon Snow say that?

I just learned how to do this thanks to your question. I've always wondered as it would make uploading/sharing .ai files far more clean and easy.