do not mind the adds, but

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do not mind the adds, but

I do not mind the adds on the site as I realize that makes the site money, but there is a pop up add that pops up about 50 times a minute and covers a good portion of my laptop screen. I X it out but it floats right back up. It kind of make me want to hang out at other sites instead. I would rather interact with other scrappers and not that add Forgive me for the complaining.

I’ll let Jordan know, maybe he can fix that ad.

@Jan: So sorry for the obnoxious ad! No one wants that! Can you take a screenshot please and post it here or email to [email protected] ?

Anyone else seeing this obnoxious popup ad?

We'll try to get this taken care of!

Hi Jan, sorry for the late reply on this. I've been looking into it, and I believe the popup ads should now be removed (they were never meant to be there in the first place). Please let me know if you continue to see them!