Some thumbnails with the font are lost

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Some thumbnails with the font are lost


In the Aug 2022 LC Completed Thread, several of my thumbnails have disappeared along with the font. I have linked them all here along with the original size in the task thread. There should be 12 thumbnails now. When I uploaded them, all were visible.

What happened?

Jordan is looking into it. See this thread for updates. Sorry for the trouble!

Hi, today,08.25.22 I have inserted all missing thumbnails again. I hope they stay now until the end of the month. I still screenshots for me, that they were all visible in the thread today.

Hi Jordan,

today i dont see my re-updated august22 thumbnails from 08.25.22 of my challenge scraps again. I will take a challenge break in september, i hope then the technical problem is solved. I have a bigger celebration anyway and not much time in the first half of september. But if maybe a problem arises from my browser or my graphic card please let me know. It's very hot here, maybe the hardware can't handle it.


Hi Doska, please see Jordan's response in this thread.

Sorry for the trouble!