Changing our advertising provider

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Changing our advertising provider

Back in April we posted about our decision to start showing ads on in an attempt to maintain our income and support our designers through the difficulties of Covid-19. (Please check out that post if you haven't already.)

Unfortunately our advertising income has been pretty abysmal. This week we are switching to a new ad provider in hopes that things will improve.

You may see ads in new positions, and ad positions may change at short notice for the next few weeks as we work with our new provider to optimize things while hopefully making the experience as painless as possible for our users.

We hope that switching to the new provider will mean more relevant, higher quality ads, among other things.

As we said in the initial post, we dislike showing ads, but our priority right now is to do what we need to do to keep alive and be able to support our designers.

Thank you as always for your support. Please consider disabling any ad blockers you may be using on our site, and consider clicking on any ads that look relevant to you. smiley

As always you can subscribe for unlimited downloads or make a small donation to browse ad-free.

While ads may be annoying, they are something I can live with to be able to keep enjoying the content of your site. Unfortunately at this time I cannot contribute but I don't use ad blockers. I hope this helps at least a little. Thank you for providing so many wonderful images for us to play with!

I don't mind seeing the ads and if it means supporting the site, it is well worth it for everything Pixelscrapper provides. Every once in awhile an ad catches my interest too, so hopefully that helps. Thanks for the efforts to keep it all going, it truly is appreciated.

Seems like a reasonable move to me.

So far so good!

The previous ads we’re in really annoying places and took so long to load on my phone that stuff moved as I clicked. Or the page froze before I could click. Hope the revenue improves. ❤️

Thanks for your support, everyone!

@Kat: let us know how it goes. I hope these ads might be an improvement (though unfortunately it is very hard to get around the issue of the page jumping when the ads load smiley ).

So far it’s been good. The ads load fast enough that it’s really not an issue now.

@Kat, that's good to hear!

No problems here

Hi Jordan and Marisa, I have been more absent than not around PS the last couple years, but I pop in on occasion and still very much appreciate everything you provide here. I don't consider it unreasonable by any stretch that you are allowing ads here. You have to keep the lights on and the computers running! Thanks for everything!

Just checking in on this.
I've been clicking on each and every ad on my login page before logging in.
I have made it a habit now, and I log in every day, I'm hoping it's helping.
How is doing?

Thanks Lisel, that's much appreciated! So far we are finding this new ad provider is working out a bit better for us that our old one.

Yay! That's awesome! I'll keep doing it, then! smiley smiley