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Download History Implementation

Exciting news!

We have finally implemented the download history feature that so many people have been asking for!

All you need to do is go to your profile and hit the 'Download History' link in the menu on the left underneath your profile picture:

and it should take you to a new page where you can see your entire download history:

By default it sorts by most recently downloaded. But you can sort by title, file extension, item 'type,' etc. You can also filter by item type and by title.

If it would be handy to be able to filter by more options, just let us know. And of course let us know if something doesn't seem to be working the way it should!

Enjoy. smiley

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can stop using my hearts to track my future downloads!! Thank you!

Thanks Thani! I love how it is retroactive as well and has all my downloads since I started here. smiley Very nice!

Woo!!! smiley This will be a lovely feature

Sweeeeeet!! Thanks so much!!

Very cool; I love this!

Works great from my short test run.

Thank you for adding this feature. smiley

Wow! This is amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for all the time and effort it must have taken to get this feature up and running! I LOVE how you've set it out, too, with the preview image, date downloaded, and licence information. And, as Jessica said in comment #3, it's wonderful to see every single thing you've downloaded, right from the very first day!

Thanks again!

Thanks! This will be handy!

I'm so excited!! I will most definitely use this feature. (Also wish most of the other sites implemented this too, but that's their problem. lol)


OMG this will be awesome!! Thanks so much smiley

Thank you - this will be very useful smiley

Oh wow, this is fantastic!

Thank-you, this will be very handy! smiley

Fantastic - Thank you!

This is awesome!! Thanks so much!!!!


Cool! I LOVE this! Thank you SO MUCH for adding this feature. smiley

Yay! Thanks, Thani!


How cool! There was something special about being able to see the very first thing I downloaded from the site. It was a label from Marisa's Malaysia kit, and I still love it!

Fantastic! Thanks for getting this rolling...such a great feature to add to the site. smiley

Wow!!!! That's fantastic!!! I'm sure that was a lot of work... but what a wonderful benefit to have at our disposal. smiley
Thanks Thani!

Thank you for working so hard on this new feature....and having it go back to day 1 is a cherry on top of this great new feature...YOU ROCK Thani !!!!!

I had voted for this feature, thank you! So happy smiley smiley

Thanks smiley

Cannot tell you what good news that is, but I will try. My 3rd external portable storage system of this last 12 months is dying. Got everything off, but one entire folder will not open--Christmas & Winter: A huge file. Because I know the date of my last backup I can use your wonderful system to find missing items that were downloaded after the date of that backup.

You guys are like no other site out there. I love that I have commercial use access--if I ever need it--for my photo artistic creations.

Yay! And yay!

This is so great. Thank you so much Thani & Jordan for the new feature! I know our community will appreciate your hard work very much smiley

Wonderful addition to an already outstanding site! Thanks you for all your hard work to make this community even more amazing.

WOW! January 2013 on page 77! Who knew I had so many things from PS? ME!!! Thanks.

Fab so looking forward to useing this feature,