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Download problems fixed

Some of you may have noticed that we had an issue with our server that started about 48 hours ago, which led to upload and download problems for all new content added to the site in that time frame.

This issue should now be fixed, and downloads should be working again. If you are seeing broken images on the site, you may need to clear your browser cache.

Note to designers and upload helpers: your recent uploads should now be working. You should not generally need to re-upload anything. You should now be able to re-publish anything you unpublished due to this issue.

Please contact us if you continue to experience issues.

So sorry to everyone for the trouble!

Thank you very much for fixing this issue!

Thank you, Jordan!

thank you for fixing the problem!

Thank you!

Thank you, Jordan! smiley

Thank you so much for fixing this so quickly. I just purchased a membership and was not able to download as I was supposed to be able too. Now I know why. I can't wait to get my fingers scrolling through the kit pages today!

Thank you for watching over the site so well. I couldn't even get past the sign in area earlier today. If you get my email about the problem, you can delete it. Now, all seems good! smiley,
LOVE, LOVE this site!! Thank you. Barb in AK