Gallery Now Open to Other Projects

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Gallery Now Open to Other Projects

Going along with our recent hybrid gallery announcement, we've gone ahead and opened the gallery to projects besides scrapbooking layouts. You can now upload cards, planner projects and other projects, both in digital and hybrid form. The upload process is the same as it was before, only now you can select between "digital and hybrid" and then choose the type of project.

When browsing in the gallery you can use the filters on the left to select whatever you are interested in viewing:

Please take a look at our updated gallery guidelines and I can't wait to see what new creations you share with us all!

That's such a cool addition, this website is getting better and better! Thank you so much for working hard Marisa and Pixelscrapper Team smiley

This is awesome can't wait to try to upload smiley

Awesomeness! I've been pushing hybrid cards to all my crafty friends and the crafty challenge blogs on the internet. Some have actually started accepting hybrids, just not 100%digital - their loss!

Cool! I love the new features always being introduced here in our little community. smiley smiley

Awesome! Thanks. Since I make custom cards and invites this will definitely push me to make more designs for my page!!