Looking For 2 Team Members - QC & Dutch Translator

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Looking For 2 Team Members - QC & Dutch Translator

I am in need of two new team members:

Quality Control

  • Must be familiar with QC standards for digital scrapbooking and capable of reviewing graphics for issues.
  • Must be able to check several kits a month.

Dutch Translator

  • Fluent in Dutch and English
  • Translate word phrases for me on a monthly basis.

Position Benefits

  1. Unlimited access to my graphics and kits (PU & CU)
  2. A supporter badge to show off in the forums.
  3. Be a key member of the DigitalScrapbook.com team.
  4. Help keep the DigitalScrapbook.com vision alive.

How to Apply
Please apply using this form (select "PS Team Application from the drop down).

  1. What position you are applying for and how you are qualified.
  2. Feel free to share your experience working with a team, or other experience you think will be helpful.
  3. Also, let me know your favorite color so I know you read all the way to the end of this smiley

Hi Marisa,

I can translate from English to Dutch and vice versa.

Hi Marisa.
Just a question the cu products are they only the ones you QC or is it for any of your products?