New Feature: Multiple File Types

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New Feature: Multiple File Types

You may have noticed, but we made a pretty significant change to our graphics recently. We can now offer multiple file types for a graphic, so depending on your needs, you can download whatever file type works best for you.

On the graphics page you can now search by file type.

And on the graphic page make sure you select the file type you want before downloading. If you accidentally select the wrong one, don't worry, you can try again smiley

Since this is a new feature, it is still in limited use, but we could definitely use feedback from you to make sure things are working well. Here are some ways you can help:

Let us know if there's a particular file type you prefer. You can do this in the comments below, and by downloading that file type. We'll be keeping on eye on the stats to see what's actually most useful to people.

I've started a request thread here where you can request particular graphic to be converted. Keep in mind some graphics are easier than others to convert, so we may or may not be able to honor your request.

I noticed the changes and I love them!!! They help a great deal. Setting it up must of taking a long, long, time with lots of hard work. Thank you for making PS the perfect place to hang out. smiley smiley

This is a wonderful sight. Thank you for all the changes, this one in particular seems like it will be very useful. Good job and thank you again.

This is a very cool feature and easy to use!!

hi i have noticed great work thank u so much png is best for me but i like to have the orther choices. smiley

Great changes, thanks!!

That is awesome!

Love how you are always adding improvements that offer choices for a variety of customer uses. Joining this site is one of the best investments in my creative endeavors I have ever made. Cannot believe how lucky I am to have found you...Or did you find me? lol

As for file type I prefer, it depends on predicted use. I love PSD for the ability to alter and pull out elements from the layers for alternate use, but the file types are big. Usually png is good enough. For now, I like to collect items I can alter to create my own artistic tools--stamps, overlays, etc. So styles, actions, and brushes are a popular item for me to download--in whatever form I can find.

Note I am an photographer/artist who (for now) creates scrap pages for myself...and other people. My goal is to create photo artworks for sale online. Right now I am in learning mode for using Photoshop, On1, Topaz; printing (huge learning curve); photo editing & manipulation; HWT create my own brushes & overlays; etc.

Preparing to sell finished images online is six months to a year out so lately I have become very careful regarding copyright issues. When I first discovered digital scrapbooking I had no intention of selling and was careless with saving source information. No more! Another reason I love this site.


This is a fabulous new feature - thank you!

Wow, Marisa and Jordan. Thank you for these options. If PixelScrapper wasn't already the best scrapbooking deal on the internet, you've definitely knocked it out of the park now!

Yes awesome change!

Awesome! This will be very helpful. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas! smiley

Great feature!

This is awesome! Thanks for all the thought you guys put into this!

It´s such an useful feature, love it smiley

My favorite kinds of files are .psd and .png

I agree with you Lorien, my favorite files are the .psd smiley Great feature.

Sounds great smiley

Great feature smiley

nice update, thank you smiley

great work!!! I love .psd or if it's not available .png with transparent backgraound smiley

Great new feature!!! smiley

I love having the choices. Thanks for always keeping this site so up-to-date.

PNG are also very important for me because I use studio-scrap as program..thank you

Amazing you are offering so many file types, LOVING it. Thank you so much.

I love layered TIFF files--usually takes up less HD space and allows thumbnail views while looking in Windows Explorer.

I sooooo agree! smiley Clean, clear site with great care toward the members! smiley

This is a great idea. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this! smiley