New Inspiring Filters on Gallery Page

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New Inspiring Filters on Gallery Page

We have added some new, amazing filters on the gallery page to help you scrap with Pixel Scrapper products. On the left side of the gallery page, you can now choose to view layouts that use Pixel Scrapper graphics, layouts made by our awesome Creative Team members and also layouts made by our designers. I hope these filters help inspire you to use some of our graphics!

Love it! Thank you for adding these filters! smiley

Very cool!

Love these new filters! Thank you.

Great additions!

Loving these!

Good idea, sometimes it is good to get some more inspiration..

Oh yes!! Very cool! Thank you Marisa! smiley smiley

That is a great new addition! Thanks for everything you all do to try to keep improving this site, although I have been thrilled with it for years.

Wow, what a great option to add to the site. Thank you!

Awesome new feature added to the gallery!

I love seeing layouts that use Pixelscrapper graphics to get some inspiration.

Wow fantastic ty