PAGE Files Now Available, More Coming

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PAGE Files Now Available, More Coming

I thought I announced this somewhere, so I'm repeating myself forgive me, but we have begun adding PAGE files (for use with the Artisan program) to You can find them all here, and be sure to check back as we'll be adding more frequently.

When downloading, be sure to select the correct file type before hitting the download button:

You announced it here but there's a chance that people didn't see it smiley

Is it this program....

Thank you.

In Australia you can use these files with the program .... Mystory

Thank YOU!!!!

Yeah!!! I use Artisan and love it.

Thank you for adding these!!

Awesome! Thank you!

That is so neat! smiley

Thank you Marisa is it possible that maybe one day you could post a tutorial on how you make the .page templates?

Thank you
Rachelle smiley

Yes, that is the program. I have it and love it.

Thank you so MUCH!!!