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Upcoming domain change

Dear Pixel Scrapper community:

We've got some exciting news: we are preparing to change the domain of our site soon from pixelscrapper.com to digitalscrapbook.com. But don't panic! Pixel Scrapper itself isn't changing. We will be exactly the same site, with the same name and same feel that you know and love. Just a new address. smiley

Changing our domain isn't something we take lightly, but something that Marisa and I have thought about off-and-on for a long time. We have been interested in the digitalscrapbook.com domain for quite a while (several years, actually), but it's only recently that we got an opportunity to acquire the domain, and decided to take it. We believe it's a strong domain name that clearly indicates what our site is about, and will help us attract new visitors and boost our search engine placement over time for searches involving digital scrapbooking, which will help our community grow and thrive into the future.

This may seem like a big change, so I want to be clear again that Pixel Scrapper itself won't be changing (we have not been bought by another company or anything like that!). In fact, you likely won't even notice anything when we switch over to the new domain: pixelscrapper.com will continue to redirect to our site, and old bookmarks and such will continue to work just fine. And we will still be the same old Pixel Scrapper. smiley

We just wanted to make this announcement so that you wouldn't be surprised or caught off guard to look up at your browser address bar and see digitalscrapbook.com where you expect pixelscrapper.com to be. smiley

This change is already in the works, and we don't foresee any major issues or problems, but we understand that a change like this can be a little bit unnerving, and might take a little bit of time to settle. Naturally if you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to let us know. But I recommend letting the dust settle a little bit, so you can see if everything is working fine once we make the switch.

Some of you "old timers" may remember when Pixel Scrapper was located at pixeldmemories.com. We survived that domain change, and I think we will survive this one. smiley Thanks for being patient with the changes over the years, and for being with us on this journey. smiley

Thanks for all your hard work

Well that's exciting! The new domain should definitely help with exposure. Since you have the redirect, we should all survive just fine. smiley

Thanks for the notice, great work!!

I actually love this. I love that this site that I enjoy so much continues to grow and thrive. ♥♥♥

👍 Thank you!

Congrats for the new domain and thank you for all your work ☺

We do appreciate all of your hard work and the wonderful resources this site has!


Congrats for this new domain, if it please to you, it please to us either.❤️

Great idea, congrats on acquiring it, I know something as good as this doesn't come up that often.

Congratulations on the Change - It will remain strong...

Congrats on getting the new domain! We look forward to growing together.

Exciting! Yay! Thanks for the warning!

Very exciting! Proof of growth!! It'll always be my digiscrap home smiley

thanks for the update! I think it is a good step, more people will be able to find the website.

Exciting! Yay!Thank you for all your work smiley smiley

Thanks for letting us know!

This is awesome!

Congrats to the team. I always wondered why you used the name DigitalScrapbook.com.

Digital scrapbook is much more accurate!! Well Done!!

OK so the all important question is WHEN will this change over happen?

I'm guessing the end of February - 1st of March?

Exciting! Thank you for the warning! Congrats!

Love the name change!

Congrats for the new domain, and thanks for all the hard work

Great move! And thanks for keeping the old domain so all our old bookmarks work too smiley Hope this really helps keep PS thriving smiley

Sounds great!! ❤️

Hey, if the domain change drives more people to your site, I'M ALL FOR IT! Not that you needed our permission or opinion, but I think it's a good move for DigitalScrapbook.com. Yay!

Great idea!!!!!

From a marketing standpoint, very good move!

Thank you for letting us know! Thank you for all you do!

Congrats on the new domain! Echoing the others here, I think this is a great move and will help the site grow even more smiley

What exiting news!