Why some users will be seeing ads on DigitalScrapbook.com

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I saw the ads one day and thought what is going on??? I did not correlate why until reading this... Most of the time I sign in right away.

I was also planning on stopping my subscription, or debating about it. But I won't after seeing this post. I should see about contributing some of my designs here too....

Thanks for explaining. I am sure most people are willing to help, especially when the site shares the rationale for the ads.

I'm a paying member and still the ads jump out at me - they appear especially in Google Chrome. Firefox works flawlessly. Could this be because the Chrome browser shows my email address a little wrong - it shows my old postal address in my contacts even though I've tried to update ..

Since we do have to log in almost every time, I see a few ads before the log in. I use Chrome as well and it works fine for me. Once I am logged in there are no more ads.

@Pirkko: It looks like you were a paying member in the past, but no longer at this point. Is that correct? The ads are only suppressed as long as you remain a paying member. Does that make sense? Sorry if that's not what you were expecting!