Can't get link to work with image in my blog

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Can't get link to work with image in my blog

Hi Jordan,

In trying to acquire enough community points to apply for gallery privileges, I've been trying to add one of the two images (i.e., small graphical "buttons") to my blog. The graphic shows up fine, but whenever I click on it, I get the following message:

Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

Now, I will freely admit that making changes to my blog confounds me as much or more as the point system here does. smiley A long, long time ago before blogs and such, before cascading style sheets, before Java and all the other programs and apps used to develop Web pages were created, I could actually write HTML code. But if a person doesn't keep up with Web development tools EVERY SINGLE DAY, he or she is lost. I stopped working with it all ages ago, and now I'm so lost as to be not even on this planet!

I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong. Has this happened before (probably it has), and can you help me?


PS: I tried to send you a screen capture, but that didn't work. I also tried sending you the URL for my blog, but that didn't work either. In case you need it, the address is If you click on that URL and then on the image, you will see what I'm getting.

Hi Kinsey,

First of all, wow! I can see by your blog you like Brazil in the right way. smiley for you smiley

As I can see for your link, it seems to not be working because there is a link to your own blog right in front the code you grabbed here, and there is no space between this code and your blog link. Try to find this in the code, and delete.

If you can´t find, I suggest you restart from the beginning. I don´t know how do you added the button there, but it´s how I do:

1) go to and click on your blog name. Then, on the sidebar, click in Layout.

2) On the layout page, click on "add a gadget" where it shows your blogs sidebar column on the sketch. Then, it will appear a pop up window. On the gadgets list look for HTML/Java Script, which will close the popup which you´re in, and open another one istead.

3) In the new popup, title is optional. Put one only if you please. Then, go to the grab a link page I appointed below and select all the code for the button you want, copy and paste on the blogspot´s popup. click "save". The popup will disappear.

4) Go back to your main blogspot window/tab. The code you just inserted is on the top of the sidebar gadgets, right under the add a gadget button. You can drag it for other positions in the sidebar, or even for the bottom of your blog if your layout allows.

5) When the button is in the position you want it to be, go to the top bar and click on the big orange button saying something like "save organization". If you don´t do it, all your effort will be lost.

Please, post in this forum if my hints or tutorial works for you. And I know really what are you talking about on getting outdating on web developing, because the same happens to me. When the blogs started, I used to have mine so pretty, full customized, with skins changed every month. Nowadays, sometimes I have trouble setting up a banner.

I´d also like to give you an extra idea on getting community points: Go to the Chit Chat forum, and reply to some of the topics. I´d really like to know more about you, because, for the things I´ve read on your sidebar´s blog, we may be other things in common smiley

PS: Jordan and/or Marisa: If you find this quick tut to be useful to newcomers, please feel free to use it on the FAQs, or something like that.

Thanks so much for the detailed and helpful reply, Lórien! I will add it to the support page!

@Kinsey: let me know if you continue to have trouble.

Wow, Lórien, thank you so much for the very detailed instructions. I will try them later tonight after I have had a short nap. I do apologize for not getting back to you and this forum more quickly. However, I was in a car accident last Sunday and got banged up a bit. No broken bones or cuts or anything like that, just bruising and soreness all over, especially on my neck where the seatbelt got me. At 66, I just don't bounce back as easily as I did when I was half this age. smiley

I will be sure to let both you and Jordan know how well I succeeded in adding the PixelScrapper button to my blog. I have a feeling that your suggestion about removing the coding on top of it will do the trick. I'm also very interested in getting to know you better, too! I once took a volunteer position placing high school students from Europe and South America with families in my local area back in Texas. The two young ladies I placed from Brazil were especially nice, and we enjoyed many a lovely outing, seeing the sights in my state. I have had a standing invitation to visit Sao Paolo, but I've never had the time or money to go. Maybe one day!

Kinsey, so sorry for your accident but so glad to hear that you weren't severely hurt! It' amazing how as we get older the toll things take on our bodies. I just turned 60 last Christmas and it seems that my arthritis has just gotten worse, ugh! Hope all the bruising and soreness gets better soon!

I second Janet on the wishes of you getting better soon. It´s good to know nothing really really serious happened. We will get to know each other better little by little smiley
And, if someday you can really come to Sao Paulo, don´t forget to tell me smiley But I know, it´s really, really expensive.

Hi Lorien and Janet,

I don't know where the time goes! I haven't been back here since my last post, and I haven't had time to work on my blog either. I'm so sorry! I was really looking forward to using your instructions, Lorien, to set up the image on my blog.

I've been getting lots of sleep lately, though, to speed the healing. It was just too uncomfortable to sit up for long periods of time because of the bruising on my left side. I must have had more muscle tissue damage than I thought and maybe even bruised a rib or two.

Another thing that's been taking my time is getting ready to fly home to Texas for a long visit with my son and his family and all my old school friends. It's been 2 years and 4 months since my last visit, and I am really, really, really looking forward to being off this rock (i.e., island) for a while! I have to be at the airport by 5 am tomorrow morning. With layovers and flight time, I'll be traveling between 19 to 20 hours, and I'm not even going to Australia!

While I'm home, I hope to have a lot more free time for scrapbooking and getting to know you all via the forums here.

Ciao everyone for a couple of days!

Thank you for your kind words, Janet. I agree with what you said about getting older and the toll on our bodies. Where oh where is Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth when we need it!

Have you tried drinking 8 oz of tart cherry juice a day for your arthritis? My cousin turned me on to the stuff, and it seems to be helping the arthritis in both my thumbs. Something in the cherry juice is instrumental in dissolving the crystals or whatever it is that causes arthritis. A bunch of scientific and medical studies are being done on this subject, so it's not a hoax or anything. Check it out on the Internet:

@Kinsey Thanks, never heard of tart cherry juice. I have tried a lot of things and only thing that I have found that keeps the pain somewhat under control is my prescribed Vicodin/Norco. I bookmarked the link because I am almost ready for bed and tired after completing my scrapbooking "design" class assignment!

And, I am sure you would rather have a few more days before traveling for up to 20 hours...cannot imagine that. But then you sound like me and no matter what the pain you just won't give in to it! I did Disneyland for three days last November and my nieces and nephews were surprised that I could keep up with them...their mother couldn't. LOL

Have a great trip!!!!

p.s. I just took a look at your blog and see that you live in the Carribean! We used to cruise there every year in the n1980's but husband will not fly anymore so we are now West Coast cruisers! Unfortunately never did get to St. Croix but I would have liked to. Oh well....

Oh My gosh I got it after reading here how to do it. smiley

Here's my Blog link.

Peggy's Angels Everywhere

Thanks Peggy! I've given you 30 community points.

I have no idea why my homepage does not allow me to follow step one and click layout. I seem to be seriously Blog challenged.
My other pages were made by making tabs and I had a friend walking me through each step. (still in that process this week)
so my other pages seem to allow me to follow step 1 and the other steps.
I added a link on my tuts page just to see if I could do it.
Actually, this tutorial helped me understand how to use the Add a Gadget function in general.
While I was there I learned quite a bit and actually was able to add headers for a couple of my pages so THANK YOU for creating this tutorial.

I'm sorry that I could not add a button on my HOME page but I am sincerely working on it smiley
I posted the button at my page here

my main page is

Thanks Kay! I've given you 30 community points.

Thank you!

Hi, I would like to get extra points for placing your banner on my blog. Is it possible? my blog:
thank you).

Thanks Marina! I've given you 30 community points.

Could someone please help me put up the PixelScrapper logo in my blog? I have just started a blog and am still learning my way through. I'm using Wordpress. I can only link a text, but I would love to learn how to link a logo. Thanks.

Here's my BLOG

en mi blog ya lo tengo puesto

Thanks Lórien. I got it!

Thank you for the instructions!It was easy smiley! Here is my blog But do we have to informe you somehow about placing a banner on the blog to get points?Thanks! smiley

Thanks for this tutorial, great help and it worked! smiley smiley

I added it to my blog! on the front page!

AWESOME: thank you so much for helping me...I couldn't get to link back till I read this, I added it to my blog

Hi Lisa,

Just wanted to let you know that I've added the bonus community points to your account! Thank you so much for supporting - it means the world.

no problem Thani, I am more than happy to share such a wonderful is my pleasure

Just added the button the my blog

I've granted the community points to your account, Ange. Thanks for the support!

I've added the link to my blog, BUT, although I have moved it into the position I want it to be, it shows on top of the column, I have 3 other links that are doing the same, could you help? OR is that out of the remit?

@Faith: I think you may need someone who is familiar with Blogger. Is the issue that you don't want it at the top of the column?