How Pixel Scrapper Works: Table of Contents

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How Pixel Scrapper Works: Table of Contents

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Getting Started

Nuts & Bolts

Community Involvement

Support Pixel Scrapper



This is perfect, thank you!

Oh Jordan this is a great table of contents that will help when trying to find things fast! Thank you!

Great thread and great place for us to direct people to more easily... You're the Man!!! smiley

Jordan, this thread is really helpful for all... I could find an information I forgot very easy smiley

What an awesome table of comments. When putting together the profile I'm doing on Pixel Scrapper for a Showcase this weekend (permission received from Marissa to do so), it was of valuable help. Thanks so much Jordan. I always function better when I can work within an organized structure.

Perfect. smiley


How do we vote on Challenges?

I wanted to download something last week but only had 7 DC , so I waited but I still only have 7 DC? Why am I not getting download credits ?

@Becky Wilson - Download credits do not accumulate. You can read THIS PAGE to find out more about Download Credits and Community Points.

@Judy Underhill sorry for the delay in answering your question! Challenges are won by random drawing so that participants all have an equal opportunity to win regardless of skill level or experience! smiley

You credited me dc's to download a bundle, but i still can't download by the kit in that bundle; just the "elements" download.

How can i download by the kit because it doesn't let me. It just sends me to the $5.00/mo. unlimited


@Jennifer: sorry about that. You should be able to download the bundle now.

Can you post something on how to delete an account. I don't want to delete my account, but you don't have anything on it. Is it only "Contact us?"

Oh and I do love the site and am grateful, but I'm a usability person type, so I'm just curious.

Hi Alison, thanks for the question. Currently, if you would like to delete your account at any point, just contact us, and we can get that done for you.

And welcome to Pixel Scrapper: it's great to have you here!

Greetings! I think the layout of this site is pretty impressive and understandable; however, I used my download credit points to download 2 different types of alphas for commercial use, 6 points each (I think) and it did not download, so 12 points are gone:( So, I am sad because in order to receive the alphas I would have to redownload and that would cost me more points.

@Monica: sorry that the downloads did not work for you. Can you tell me what operating system and browser you are using? Is this the first time that downloads at Pixel Scrapper have not worked for you, or is there always a problem?

For now, I have gone ahead and given you some bonus download credits to make up for the lost ones.

Hi Jordan

When I click on the link for "Uploading Designs" it tells me access denied? Do we have to have specific specifications to access this?
Thank you

Thanks for pointing that out, Friena! I've updated the link, so it should work now.

Thank you Jordan!!

Hello Mr. David,

What does the word mean in the account settings
"Streak Tractor Widget"? Google doesn't translate it smiley

If you check that box, the tracker at the top of every page won't show. That's the feature that has the individual boxes and asks if you accomplished your creative goal(s) for the day.

Thank you candace, for your explanation