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Saving your images

In one of the other threads someone requested for me to share some of what I know about saving your images for the web etc. Recently, I was pointed to this tutorial over at Sweetshoppe Designs, which includes a lot of great tips on lots of things, and offers free downloadable actions for saving your digital layouts. So, if you're looking to improve your saving process, you might want to check out this article:

Scrap Like a Sugarbabe: Lydia Tarbox

Another interesting tutorial on saving crisp and clear layouts is Sheri Malcolm's Using the High Pass Filter in Photoshop.

K. I hope this helps.


Alas, I can't use these - they're geared toward Photoshop users only... I don't think you can use actions in PSP... Oh well. Thanks anyway, Sula!

@ Lizanne: Bummer! Do you have the filters, though (like unsharpen and high pass)? Those are the two main ones who'll get your images crisp and clear. The rest is just saving for web at the desired resolution/size ...

@ Sula: I'm not sure, I'll have to check... Is that something you would do after you've reduced the size of your layout or before??

I am going to check them out, thanks

Very helpful. Thanks!

@Lizanne you can definitely use actions in PSP - in PSP they are called scripts. You can create your own first record the script and save it, then you can replay the script on other images.
Basically you could record a script resizing an image down to 700x700 and then sharpening it and saving as a jpg.
I found two tutorials online....
Also there are scripts online that you can download.

Hope this helps!

@Jennifer: I get what you're saying - thanks. However, what I meant (maybe I worded it wrong?) was that the actions being offered are usually for Photoshop (and, boy, are there a ton!) & those are not usable in PSP so it's pointless for me to download them... I find there are a lot of cool resources out there for digiscrappers, but they're mostly for Photoshop users & not PSP (which is a bummer for me). I did learn of the existence of scripts this fall, however I don't know much about them right now (how they work, how to install, etc.) so those links might be helpful to refer to in the future - thank you! smiley

@ Lizanne: I've not figured it out yet...What does the PSP stand for? doesn't seem to fit Photoshop Elements, which I know is one of the smaller versions of Photoshop.

I work with the free Gimp and so I have to gleen from tutorials on Photoshop, and then look for an equivalent in Gimp...which finding it even if it's there can prove difficult.

PSP stands for Paint Shop Pro which is made by Corel. that's a name I've not heard in a long time. Back when Hubby was working on his post-graduate work, I worked at the seminary as well and eventually was helping the professors secretaries trouble shoot software. Corel was widely used. After the educational discounts were gone though it became to hard to keep up with the software upgrades.

Yes, PSP stands for Paint Shop Pro (thanks, Marisa! smiley ).... One of my online friends who does some graphic design (mostly smilies) swears by Corel products. He didn't even suggest Photoshop for me when I told him what I was looking to do. Kinda wish I'd known then what I know now.... mais c'est la vie! smiley

PSP was originally Jasc PSP. It has been a part of Corel to bring their standards up and regain a portion of the market.
PSP was the standard for many a digital artist as Photoshop was still young and lacking the ease of use. As it is Photoshop has gained the market after it became an Adobe product. It is taught in most colleges and has become an industry standard.

You will find that which ever software is learned you will be able to go to the other and complete the same process. So if you like to play you would be able to adapt any tutorial to fit your needs and software.

One thing you may want to consider is downloading the free CS2 Photoshop offer from Adobe. It is downloaded from Adobe's website.

Thank you! I was wondering the same ... how to save my images ... very helpful smiley