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Fantastic Fonts

I'm not sure if this is where this should be placed, but I ran across a fantastic website that is dedicated to free commercial use fonts. Here it is...

Font Squirrel

Have any of you found any other great free font sites...and in particular sites that offer free commercial use fonts?

I love that site! It's a great one for browsing commercial use.

I love Font Squirrel - Eric also has Tip Squirrel (for Photoshop Nuts) and tons of other digital arts resources. I highly recommend.

I'll have to check that out Tina. Thanks for the tip. smiley

FontSquirrel is BRILLIANT, I was so excited when I came across it not long ago! Their curation is fantastic.

Another go-to for me is - they've been around for years and have a huge collection, the categories are helpful, and the search options are fantastic (you can search for only commercial use etc).

I love fonts I'm checking this out now.

I love this site too, when I need I go there!!! I used to visit too: There are great fonts!!!

ooooooo more fonts! I'm hooked on This could be dangerous!

Thanks for all the websites you recommended. It will, for sure, be very useful smiley

Just a small list of font resources I have saved in my faves over the years. Some I haven't visited in quite a while now but still worth the share.

Search Free Fonts
Abstract Fonts
Font Garden
My Fonts
Font Fabric
Type Depot
Lost Type Co-op
Harolds Fonts
Google Web Fonts
Kevin & Amanda aka Fonts for Peas

I think that about does it for my list. Have fun but don't forget, installing too many fonts can really slow down your computer.

I like using different font styles, thanks

thanks for the link, I do love different fonts

Thank you for the links, They will be helpful.

Tina, thanks for the list of sites... I haven't seen some of them so I will definitely check them out... although I doubt I need more fonts... I have thousands of them in a folder and I'm probably getting to the point where I should go through and uninstall some of the ones I've installed already... but then I'm afraid I'll delete one I shouldn't that the system uses... so I don't know... any suggestions on how to safely clean out my installed fonts folder?

I use AMP Font Viewer. I like it because you can see the list of font already installed on your computer and a separate list of fonts that are not installed. It also has an option to install fonts temporarily. You can check it out at
I believe it is freeware and I haven't noticed anything funky happening to my computer smiley

Thanks for sharing the link Tina. I might check that out. I use a font program now, but I'm not convinced I love it.

I use Font Thing - I like it a lot. I have a big collection of fonts (love fonts) & it often helps me decide what to use. One of the parts I like about it the most is I can type in a sentence or phrase & it will show me that phrase in every font (in whatever size I dictate). Speaking of which, I need to install Font thing & my fonts on my new desktop real soon - I didn't realize how much I missed them until I started making word art for the December blog train - there were no celtic fonts and I needed some.

I used Font Thing until it became corrupt (not sure what happened) but I wasn't able to find the site to redownload it. Actually I did find the site but the link wasn't working. Font Thing was an excellent one, very simple to use too.

Check for it again, Tina... My hubby re-downloaded it this past spring for our new desktop. I love Font Thing.

Thank you all for sharing all these great font resources!

A tip I learned a looooong time ago was that you can just double click and open the ttf file (not installed) and use it in PS or MS Word and it will work without having to install it. Save your work before closing the ttf file and it will be in that font. smiley easy peasy... i have waaaay too many to install them all smiley

@Shawna: Great tip! I'm going to try that one tonight.

Hello! I'm new here.
For more fonts visit

Uh oh, my EHD is not going to like me very much as I have a feeling that these sites are going to lead to some serious downloading smiley

@Jackie: Before I ever started digital scrapping... I had a font addiction. I have soooooo many fonts, it's unbelievable. But the nice thing is that I can use them with my wishblade and cricut for cutting vinyls or paper scrapping stuff, too. So, they're multi-purpose! smiley

@Shawna thanks for that tip! I need to try that and uninstall the million fonts that I have installed and bogging down PS when I use the text tool. smiley

great info!

That is such a nice website!!! Thanks for recommending! smiley

Thanks for all the recommendations.They were really helpful!:) has a huge selection of free fonts. I've used this site many times & I've never had a problem with any of the fonts I've downloaded.

Alison smiley

@Tina Campanale Thanks for that link. My fonts were a mess. I downloaded the organizer you mentioned and spent about 3 hours this morning categorizing. I feel much better now!