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Anyone have a font organizer for Mac they'd recommend? FontBook, which comes standard, is fine for organizing, but as far as I know it doesn't have that option to preview fonts without having installed them first. That seems like a great function to have.

I was only familiar with DaFont. Thank you for sharing the other font websites. smiley

@Violet: try The Font Thing

Oh no, I'm in trouble now. I LOVE fonts. I gather them all the time. I have thousands ("kind of" organized... but not really) lol! I will try the organizer too. Thank you for the tip & tfs!

@Lizanne The Font Thing is only for PC/Windows. Violet (and me) is looking for a Mac font manager. Supposedly FontExplorer has a free version, but the only thing I found so far is the trial version. Which expired... smiley


@Lizanne - thank you for replying! And sadly Melouise is correct. I've read so much about Font Thing but although it seems there have in the past been equivalent programs for Mac, there are none now (at least that are free/inexpensive).

@Melouise @Violet: Sorry....didn't notice the part about you having a Mac. Not sure what's out there for that - hope someone else can help you find something! smiley

Thank you Janet. This is one of the very few font sites I didn't know. I'll go browsing!


@Tina Campanale Thank you so much! I had not heard of a font organization program but have now downloaded the one you suggested. I will be working with it in the new much to do the rest of the year. "Rest of the year..." that sounds so weird!

I love fonts very much, even as a child. Especially the curved manuscripts.
My husband is a typesetter by profession, he advises me on the choice of fonts when I design greeting cards and scraps. We often talk about fonts and their origins.


I have the Typograf font manager and now have 3400 fonts - not in the Windows Fonts folder!

Font manager, maybe my mind is blown!! Did not know that existed.