What's New

Over the weekend we had a successful initial launch of the new Pixel Scrapper site. I can't tell you how excited we are for this day to finally be here! 

If you would like to help us out and check out the new site, please sign up here and directions will be emailed to you. In a week or two, if things continue to go well, we'll be ready to launch the site for real. So stay tuned!

Pixel Scrapper Preview

Hey everyone! Sorry if you've been having problems downloading any of my special freebies over the last couple of days, either from Facebook of the Blog Train. I was trying out using Dropbox to deliver the files, and needless to say it was not a success. I'm going to spend the rest of the morning fixing the links and getting things back up to speed. Sorry for all of you who were trying to download. I know what a pain broken links can be. Give me some time and hopefully things will be working again. 

When I put up the last Facebook freebie, I casually mentioned that we were coming up to 1000 fans, and then suddenly we were over! I was caught a bit unawares by all the sudden fans, but I recovered and made this little mini kit to celebrate. So stop by my Facebook page to pick this new freebie up!

If any of you stopped by recently and received a scary note about malware, the problem has been fixed (a bad link), so you can browse without worry.

In other news the new site is just about ready to be opened up to beta testers. So if things are slow around here for the next week or so, it's just because we're getting geared up for things to get much more exciting! Stay tuned.