The icons on this website were created by to help people correctly and easily license their work for a community and world that is becoming more and more dependant on sharing.  And the more sharing that happens, the more creative we can be.  At Pixel Scrapper we always try and include the original PSD files, so that you can learn from the creation, rather than just using it as inspiration.  By opening up people's access to free digital scrapbooking materials, we hope to foster a community that thrives on creativity and sharing. 

Assets, templates and scrapbook pages are uploaded so that you can get maximum usage. The following are the icons that are used on the website to mark terms of use:

 Commercial Use Not Allowed: Most scrapbook pages are marked with this to protect the finished product and any pieces that may be in the .psd from other designers.

 Commerical Use Allowed: This means you can use the asset or template, as is or modified, and use it for your own monetary gain.

 Attribution Required: If you are using this product you must mention the designer's name and a link to this website.

 Attribution Not Required: You may use this product without naming the designer or offering a link, although both are always appreciated!

The hope is that you will not feel limited by these terms and you will be free to use these products to further your own creativity. We do love to see what you've done with our products, so leave a comment with your work if you can!