Lou Smith's Gallery

  1. Christmas Cheer (All That Sparkles)
  2. Magic Season (All That Sparkles)
  3. Jingle (Festive)
  4. Winter Sparkles (All that sparkles)
  1. Joy to the world (All that Sparkles)
  2. Sparkling Winter Glow (Winter Whimsy)
  3. Walking Barefoot (White Sand)
  4. Blossom (Chic Blossom)
  1. Pumpkin Season (Gourdgeous)
  2. Pumpkin Pickin (Gourdgeous)
  3. Oh what fun (Do not feed the reindeer)
  4. 1st Christmas (Jolly Days)
  1. Wintertime Memories (At the hearth)
  2.  Christmas Memories (Pine Tree Wonderland)
  3. Beauti-Fall (Gem-ber memories)
  4. Snow cute (Good Will to Ewe)
  1. Christmas Magic (It's Christmas All Over Again)
  2. Merry Christmas (Hello December)
  3. Golden Days (Autumn Days)
  4. Feel the love (My little Village)
  1. Relax and enjoy the beauty of nature (Walk in the woods)
  2. Autumn's Final Dance (November's Breath)
  3. Count your Blessings (Beyond Measure)
  4. Snowflakes are Winter's Butterflies
  1. Joy (Gratitude)
  2. Portraits (Memorial)
  3. Fallen but not forgotten (Memorial)
  4. Hello Fall (Novem-bear)
  1. 2023 (A Year in Review)
  2. October's Memories (A Year in Review)
  3. Family (Nest)
  4. Family (Full House)
  1. You have my heart (Bound by Love)
  2. Always in my heart (Our Angel)
  3. Good times (Marigold)
  4. Simple Pleasures (Bryce)
  1. Dear Diary
  2. Thankful (Harvest Blessings)
  3. Fresh Baked (Christmas Baking)
  4. Go See Do (Adventurous)