Pretty Girl in a Pretty World

Pretty Girl in a Pretty World

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Recent Comments

Pixie Mom
Pixie Mom Thu, 04/29/2021 - 04:32


Emily Clark
Emily Clark Thu, 04/29/2021 - 03:04

very nice!

Grace James
Grace James Tue, 05/29/2018 - 06:50

I like how you used the template and the kit, beautifully done!

Odel Improvement
Odel Improvement Wed, 06/14/2017 - 11:09

ממש חמוד!!!!!!!

Maria Hooley
Maria Hooley Thu, 10/02/2014 - 05:41

Caileigh, this is a gorgeous and easy to use template set. It's wonderful!

Caileigh McDonald
Caileigh McDonald Wed, 10/01/2014 - 21:32

Wow - I love the way the top sheet is cut out the way it is! I *never* would have thought to do that. It really brings the focus to the photo.