::why can't we be friends::

::why can't we be friends::

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Recent Comments

Rachel Martin
Rachel Martin Mon, 09/03/2018 - 10:13

LOL Christina!

Thank you Tia! I'm a fan of your work as well!

Christina Wells
Christina Wells Mon, 09/03/2018 - 09:03

Haha - that is too funny! I really *do* wish we could all be friends -- after all, these two have managed to work out their differences :)
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Tia Adair
Tia Adair Mon, 09/03/2018 - 02:09

Love, love, love this page so much! Everything about it. Perfection!

Tiffany Bodily
Tiffany Bodily Sun, 09/02/2018 - 14:28

So fun. I agree that it took a moment to catch on here.

Rachel Martin
Rachel Martin Sun, 09/02/2018 - 07:58

LOLLOLOLOLOLOL Marlyn! I didn't even think about that it's just so "normal" here! That just made it even more funny to me! Thanks for the laugh!!! :)

Marlyn Ramirez 👩‍⚖️
Marlyn Ramirez 👩‍⚖️ Sun, 09/02/2018 - 03:28

at first i didn't get the joke but after a while i got it. you have to be american though to get it immediately, right? :-)

Alane Magana
Alane Magana Sat, 09/01/2018 - 20:23

This is too funny! Made me laugh out loud. Good eye. Cute design.